390 Beneficiaries of Tegal Regency Receive Ministry of Social Affairs Assistance

  • 390 Beneficiaries of Tegal Regency Receive Ministry of Social Affairs Assistance
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Slawi (March 13, 2023) - The Ministry of Social Affairs through Kartini Integrated Center in Temanggung handed over Social Rehabilitation Assistance (ATENSI) to 390 beneficiaries (PM) in Tegal Regency. The Head of Kartini Integrated Center in Temanggung, Iyan Kusmadiana explained that assistance is worth a total of more than 260 million, in the form of entrepreneurship assistance and accessibility for disabilities, and fulfilling a decent life for the elderly, children, and vulnerable groups.

"For persons with disabilities, we also assist, Hearing Aids (ABD), wheelchairs, entrepreneurship," said Iyan. The handover of the aid was carried out at Tegal Regency Trengginas Halfway House, also the beneficiaries’ residence.

"This assistance is proof that the state exists for its citizens, persons with disabilities," he added.

Slamet Nugroho (35 years), one of the recipients of Entrepreneurship assistance in the form of a "mobile shop", is a person with a physical disability. He has been paralyzed since he was a toddler. Slamet did not graduate from elementary school due to financial constraints. His condition made it difficult for him to access work, to make ends meet. Previously he sold around using a wheelchair that he modified himself.

"I used to sell it around using a wheelchair, I used my hands to move the wheels, now I get additional capital assistance with the wheelchair given the engine," said Slamet.

Another person with physical disabilities who received entrepreneurship assistance is Erlin Oktaviana (29 years), a craftsman of wari bags which she marketed at Guci tours. Erlin, who has been paralyzed since she was a toddler, has experienced a downturn in her business due to the Covid pandemic.

"Tourism is quiet, so three years of no production, no income, currently orders for 2,000 bags but no capital, thank God, get business assistance from the Ministry of Social Affairs," said Erlin.

Appreciation and Commitment of Local Government

The Acting Head of Tegal Regency Social Office, Nurhayati, ATENSI aid from the Ministry of Social Affairs was very useful for PPKS. She appreciated the Ministry of Social Affairs through the Integrated Center Kartini in Temanggung, which moved quickly to respond to requests from residents who needed assistance.

"We are ready to assist the development of entrepreneurship, as well as other assistance that is distributed," concluded Nurhayati.

Kartini Integrated Center Temanggung is a Technical Service Unit (UPT) of the Ministry of Social Affairs under the auspices of the Directorate General of Social Rehabilitation which provides multi-services for Social Welfare Service Recipients (PPKS).

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