Encouraging the Progress of Millennial Koffie and Former Street Children Shoes Business

  • Encouraging the Progress of Millennial Koffie and Former Street Children Shoes Business
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MOJOKERTO (24 February 2021) - It has been more than two weeks, five former street children from Mojokerto who have undergone the Social Rehabilitation Assistance (ATENSI) program at the Satria Baturraden Resident Center have developed their independent businesses.

It is Millenial Koffie, an effort dreamed of by "MYA" and his younger brother, "MF" which has now been realized for their hard work and is supported by the Ministry of Social Affairs through the Satria Baturraden Resident Center. In fact, this effort was inaugurated directly by the Minister of Social Affairs of The Republic of Indonesia, Tri Rismaharini on February 5, 2021.

The atmosphere of Millennial Koffie is quite crowded with visitors, especially at night. As seen this evening, "MYA" is preparing an order and "MF" is serving it to visitors. "MYA" has also added Wireless Fidelity (WiFi) devices and started adding variants to the food menu. He also learned to do simple bookkeeping to find out the cash flow of the store.

Since the inauguration until now, "MYA" and "MF" have started to save money. "Thank God, yesterday I saved one million. One day I can get a net profit of one hundred thousand. The plan is to save more," said "MYA".

Still in the same village, Genengan Hamlet, Banjaragung Village, Puri District, Mojokerto Regency and not far from the Millenial Koffie location, there are two shoe businesses, JR.KING and DRAGOBY.

"PSN" and its younger brother, "VSP" took the leather shoe market. With the business name JR.KING, they produce shoes made from genuine leather which are handmade.

Currently, JR.KING has prepared its own model and brand. A total of 20 pairs of shoes have been produced and are starting to sell in the market. "Those who buy usually come directly to my house or call my number. Now I'm trying to get online too," said "PSN".

Not only focusing on men's shoe models but JR.KING is also currently starting to be designed for the production of women's shoes. Even now "VSP" is learning to manufacture mountain slippers.

In line with JR.KING, DRAGOBY owned by "IM" also produces handmade shoes. However, "IM" chose to play in the sporty and outdoor shoe market. One thing that makes their business more valuable is that customers can also order shoe models as desired.

Over the past two weeks, DRAGOBY has sold 78 pairs of shoes and is currently working on an order for 20 pairs. Previous shoe sales turnover reached Rp. 3,710,000.00, with a profit of Rp. 2,340,000.00. DRAGOBY also plans to apply for a trademark license to the local Industry and Trade Office.

From yesterday to today, the social workers of the Satria Baturraden Resident Center have directly monitored and assisted the business development of the five children. One of them is by accompanying their business bookkeeping process.

Junior Social Worker, Suparya, as a companion for the shoe business, said that consistency is important when someone opens a business. "Maintain recovery to remain productive. Production and sales are balanced. Including consistency in the books," said Suparya.

The same thing was also conveyed by the first-level social worker, Winarni, who assisted to Millennial Koffie businesses belonging to "MYA" and "MF". "Continue to develop the business that has been established with full of struggle. Learn to be disciplined, including orderly administration," said Winarni.

Furthermore, five of them continue to receive regular assistance and monitoring by social workers, both in the biopsychosocial aspects and the sustainability of their business independence.

Writer :
Humas Balai Satria Baturraden
Editor :
Annisa YH
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana

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