Medan “Insyaf” Resident Center Promotes ATENSI Program to IPWL

Medan “Insyaf” Resident Center Promotes ATENSI Program to IPWL

DELI SERDANG (19 April 2021) - The Ministry of Social Affairs through the Medan “Insyaf” Resident Center carried out the Introduction of the Social Rehabilitation Assistance (ATENSI) program for the Victims of Drug Abuse, Psychotropics and other Addictive Substances (KP Napza) to Social Welfare Institutions (LKS) and Mandatory Reporting Recipient Institutions (IPWL) in the Province of North Sumatra and Aceh.


Head of the Medan “Insyaf” Resident Center, Ahd Sulaiman, in his direction to the participants said that the implementation of the ATENSI program consists of 7 activity components, namely support for the fulfillment of decent life, social care, family support, therapy, vocational training, and entrepreneurship development, social assistance, and accessibility support. Sulaeman emphasized that every IPWL should pay attention to this in providing services to victims of drug abuse.


In the introduction of the ATENSI KP Napza program, the participants discussed the administrative settlement, the assessment forms used, the intervention plan and reporting, and other technical matters. "I hope that this activity will make it easier for IPWL to carry out ATENSI activities for the victims of drug abuse," said Sulaeman.


The ATENSI program introduction for the victims of drug abuse was held in the “Insyaf” Resident Center and was attended by 25 LKS and IPWL from Aceh and North Sumatra. The activity went well, the participants were very active in asking questions and understood the explanation from the Resident Center.

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Humas Balai Residen Insyaf Medan
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Annisa YH
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Karlina Irsalyana

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