Cooperative “Sejahtera” Tan Miyat Center Wins the Achievement Cooperative Award

  • Cooperative “Sejahtera” Tan Miyat Center Wins the Achievement Cooperative Award
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BEKASI (29 July 2021) - The Cooperative Employees “Sejahtera” Tan Miyat Bekasi received an award as one of the outstanding cooperatives in Bekasi City. This award was announced directly by the Head of the Bekasi City Cooperatives, Small and Medium Enterprises Office on the 74th anniversary of the National Cooperatives Day (Harkopnas) which was held virtually. In the commemoration of Harkopnas, there are 2 award categories, namely Cooperatives with Achievements and Leaders of the Cooperative Movement at the Bekasi City level.


Abdillah, as the Head of the Cooperatives Service, UKM Bekasi City said that 10 Outstanding Cooperatives would receive certificates of appreciation. In addition to the certificate of appreciation, a coaching fee of Rp. 10 million will also be given for each cooperative.


As one of the recipients of the award as an Outstanding Cooperative in 2021 at the Bekasi City level, this has become a spur for the Cooperative “Sejahtera” to be able to further advance cooperatives and improve the welfare of members following the goals and functions of the cooperative.


"This achievement makes or spurs our enthusiasm to always work as much as possible, to advance the interests of the members of the Cooperative “Sejahtera”," said Surono, as the Chairman of the Cooperative.


The Tan Miyat Employee Cooperative “Sejahtera” itself is a savings and loan cooperative that was founded in 1985. This cooperative has gone through a long journey until finally in 2009 it was successfully registered and legally incorporated. To date, the Tan Miyat Employee Cooperative “Sejahtera” has 57 members, of which 3 are administrators and 3 are supervisors of the cooperative.


Surono expressed his gratitude to the Head of the Cooperative Service, UKM Bekasi City for the award given to the Tan Miyat Employee Cooperative “Sejahtera”. According to him, this achievement cannot be separated from the guidance, direction, and assistance that has been given by the Cooperatives Service, UKM Bekasi City. The difficulties related to the reporting system and administration can be resolved properly thanks to the guidance and direction of the Cooperatives Office, UKM Bekasi City.


"As chairman, I would like to thank the management and all members of the Cooperative “Sejahtera” who have played an active role in advancing our cooperative," Surono concluded.

Writer :
Humas Balai Tanmiya Bekasi
Editor :
Annisa YH
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana

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