MoSA Conducts Outreach to Grandmother with Visual Sensory Disabilities who Lives Alone in Sukabumi

  • MoSA Conducts Outreach to Grandmother with Visual Sensory Disabilities who Lives Alone in Sukabumi
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SUKABUMI (16 September 2021) - The Ministry of Social Affairs through Social Rehabilitation Center “Phala Martha” and “Kahuripan” Sukabumi moved quickly to follow up on the disposition of the Minister of Social Affairs, Tri Rismaharini to respond to the news at the link:


The Phala Martha and Kahuripan team accompanied by the Head and Village Apparatus, Babinkamtibmas, and the local RT went down together and moved quickly to the location to conduct an assessment of the grandmother with visual sensory disabilities, a resident of Kalaparea Village, Kalaparea District, Nagrak Sukabumi who lives alone in a rickety hut.


Based on the results of the assessment, Grandma Ucih (76 years old) lives alone in a 5 x 4-meter hut which is very far from the village. The house is in the form of a stilt with a cubicle underneath and an earth floor. Only one bedroom and a modest kitchen, no toilet facilities. For the MCK activity, Grandma Ucih did it behind the house with only a bucket and a stream of water made by the local RT.


Psychologically, Grandma Ucih is in good health, but physically she has visual disturbances. "This eye disorder is caused by an illness that I suffered as a child, causing an infection in the sense of sight," said Grandma Ucih. "In doing my daily activities, I don't use a stick and I'm used to relying on my sense of touch alone," she added.


The head of Kalaperea Village, Heri Kurniwan, said that he had invited Grandma Ucih to have her eyes checked several times, but was not willing.


"Ucih's grandmother used to live near her family, but then she moved back to her house because she felt uncomfortable being around many people and more comfortable alone," said Heri.


Neighbors around the house have noticed and helped Grandma Ucih with her daily needs. Grandma Ucih has also received direct cash assistance from Rp. 300,000 every month and 5 kg of rice from the village every month, he added.


From the results of the assessment carried out by the team, Utari Farhani as a Social Worker said that the needs for Grandma Ucih were the fulfillment of a decent living and daily food needs.


“Accessibility support in the form of a walking stick for mobility is also very necessary. In addition, there is a need for medical examinations on both eyes of Ucih's grandmother," he added.

Phala Martha and Kahuripan Centers will immediately follow up on the results of the assessment. The Centers will also coordinate with the Village and the community to carry out follow-up actions that will be given to Grandma Ucih.

Writer :
Humas Loka Kahuripan Sukabumi
Editor :
Annisa YH
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Karlina Irsalyana

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