The Spirit of Self-Improvement, KPN Receives ATENSI for Automotive Courses and Tools from the MoSA

The Spirit of Self-Improvement, KPN Receives ATENSI for Automotive Courses and Tools from the MoSA

JAKARTA (September 16, 2021) - The Beneficiaries (PM) of Social Rehabilitation Center “Panasea” Jakarta looks happy and sad at the same time as having to release two of their colleagues who have finished receiving residential rehabilitation services at “Panasea” Center.


EA and AR, who are two PM Victims of Drug Abuse (KPN) based on the results of a developmental assessment and a joint decision in a case conference, have been recommended to return to their families after almost five months of receiving residential social rehabilitation services in the Center.


From the beginning of trial and error, getting closer to friends who seemed "friendly" finally EA and AR were caught in drug abuse. Learning from the adversity at the beginning of their arrival, EA and AR managed to rise to a better condition by providing mental-spiritual guidance, individual counseling, health, physical, motivational, psycho educational, and vocational guidance in the form of automotive skills/courses/motorcycle workshops.


And as a form of full support to KPN, the Ministry of Social Affairs through Panasea Center provided ATENSI support at the time of returning to EA and AR in the form of motorcycle repair tools/equipment and also a certificate from the automotive course institution "Jaya Persada" which was the result of the course he had attended for so long in the Center and given by the Head of the Social Rehabilitation Section Gunawan and Social Worker Wening Nurhayati.


"Hopefully with the support provided by the Ministry of Social Affairs, you can return to your family and be able to return to work and not repeat the same mistakes," said Gunawan in his brief briefing to EA and AR.


"I promise not to repeat the same mistake," said EA. "Hopefully we can become even better individuals in the future," continued AR after receiving ATENSI support and towards their returning home.

Writer :
Humas Balai Panasea Jakarta
Editor :
Annisa YH
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana

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