Social Minister Provides ATENSI Support in Sumbawa Regency

  • Social Minister Provides ATENSI Support in Sumbawa Regency
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SUMBAWA REGENCY (14 October 2021) - Social Minister Tri Rismaharini again provided ATENSI support in eastern Indonesia. Currently, ATENSI support amounts to Rp. 211,533,000 which were symbolically handed over by Social Minister Tri Rismaharini and Sumbawa Regent Mahmud Abdullah in Sumbawa Regency.


ATENSI support is provided in the form of ATENSI Savings, entrepreneurship assistance such as food stall businesses, agriculture, screen printing, electric welding equipment, motorcycle repair shops, laundry, sewing, salons, fishing gear, food stalls, and accessories businesses.


Then assistance with basic needs, school equipment, family support, therapy, and training. Accessibility support is also provided in the form of medical wheelchairs, tripods, and adaptive walking sticks, and water sensors for persons with visual sensory disabilities.


Rifki Rahnatullah (16 years old), one of the children who received ATENSI's support in the form of savings, said that he was grateful to receive ATENSI's support. "Thank God I got this assistance. I am very happy because it helps me to pay school fees and to meet daily needs," he said.


His dream is to become a police officer and be able to help his brother because since his parents are gone (died) Rifki has lived with his brother, "only father's message for me that I’ll remember, to keep on going to school, don't ever leave prayer", said Rifki.


This ATENSI support is managed by the Prof. Dr. Soeharso Surakarta Center, Paramita Mataram Center, Mahatmiya Center, Gau Mabaji Gowa Center, and Efata Kupang Center.


The event was attended by the Special Staff to the Minister of Social Affairs, Echelon I and II Officials within the Ministry of Social Affairs, East Lombok Regent, Mahmud Abdullah and Regional Secretary Hasan Basri, Chairman of the Regional  House of Representative (DPRD) Abdul Rafik, Sumbawa Police Chief, Dandim 1607, Head of the Sumbawa Social Office, and Head of Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI).

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Humas Ditjen Rehabilitasi Sosial
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