Minister of Social Affairs Inaugurates the 10th ATENSI Creation Center (SKA) at "Mahatmiya" Center

  • Minister of Social Affairs Inaugurates the 10th ATENSI Creation Center (SKA) at "Mahatmiya" Center
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TABANAN (18 October 2021) – ATENSI Creation Center (SKA) of Social Rehabilitation Center “Mahatmiya” Bali is the 10th SKA which was officially opened by Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini accompanied by Secretary General Harry Hikmat. This inauguration was also accompanied by the delivery of ATENSI support totaling Rp. 1,069,003,950,- for beneficiaries in Bangli Regency, Karangasem Regency and, Tabanan Regency.


The ATENSI Creation Center (SKA) Mahatmiya is a center for entrepreneurship and vocational development as well as a medium for promoting the work of beneficiaries in one area. This center will also become an empowerment area to create independent entrepreneurial embryos.


Marked by the cutting of the ribbon signing the inscription, Social Minister Tri Rismaharini and Deputy Governor of Tabanan Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati and Member of Commission VIII DPR RI, Ign Kesuma Kelakan, Social Minister Risma, and his entourage then reviewed SKA ordering coffee at Artne Coffee, and Social Minister Risma hoped that through SKA, children can practice and add skills to equip them to develop a business when they grow up.


At SKA Mahatmiya there are Culinary and Artne Coffee Centers, Baristas, Production Houses, Massage, Beneficiary Handicraft Centers, and SPA.


In addition, there are also workshops as a vehicle for training and therapy for beneficiaries, namely Making Adaptive Guide Sticks, Handicraft Skills, and painting skills.


After visiting several booths at SKA Mahatmiya, Social Minister Risma again provided reinforcement and motivation to the beneficiaries, one of which was orphans, motherless and fatherless left behind due to Covid-19. "Currently you are orphans because you are the children chosen and most loved by Allah SWT. Therefore you must not despair, do not need to be discouraged and inferior. Prove that you are children a trustworthy child," said Social Minister Risma.


The assistance provided was worth a total of Rp. 1,069,003,950 consists of accessibility support (Adaptive Guide Sticks, Wheelchairs, Walkers of Educational Aids, Hearing Aids, and Braille Literacy Book Assistance), savings for orphans, Rp. 200.000,- for those who are already in school and Rp. 300.000,- for those who have not attended school, basic needs and nutrition as well as entrepreneurship assistance, such as carving, food, motorcycle washing, sewing, grocery, traditional ceremony equipment business, knitting, farming, livestock, laundry, palm sugar business, massage, culinary, motorcycle repair shop, motorcycle paint, and furniture making.

The ATENSI support is managed by the Working Unit within the Ministry of Social Affairs, including the Social Rehabilitation Center Inten Soeweno Cibinong, Kartini Temanggung, Naibonat Kupang, Galih Pakuan Bogor, Wyata Guna Bandung, Abiyoso Bandung, Antasena Magelang, Paramita Mataram, Satria Baturraden, and Margo Laras Pati.

I Dewa Ayu Made Ceria Artha Yani (15 years) feels grateful for the assistance provided by the government. This support added to her enthusiasm to continue learning to achieve her goals as a policewoman.

He told me that one night my father asked for a burger and after eating, my father coughed. A few days later, my father had a cold cough and finally died due to COVID-19, without having time to say or give anything, said Ayu with tears in her eyes.

Similar to I Gde Wirasadana (16 years old), who dreams of becoming a police officer, he is happy to get help to pay for school books, to help meet his daily needs and school supplies.

"I hope that assistance can be added and hopefully Covid-19 will pass soon, remembering my father's message to donate blood to PMI considering how difficult it is to get bloodstock when sick and having to do dialysis," said I Gde.

The inauguration was attended by Member of Commission VIII DPR RI, Ign Kesuma Kelakan, Member of DPD Commission III of the Bali Region, Anak Agung Gde Agung, Special Staff to the Minister of Social Affairs, Echelon I and II Officials of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Deputy Governor of Tabanan, Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati, Regent Tabanan I Komang Gede Sanjaya, and all Heads of Social Rehabilitation Centers of the Directorate General of Social Rehabilitation.

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