Bekasi “Budi Dharma” Center Develops Posyandu for Elderly

Bekasi “Budi Dharma” Center Develops Posyandu for Elderly

BEKASI (October 20, 2021) – Social Rehabilitation Center "Budi Dharma" Center in Bekasi carried out the ATENSI through Integrated Services Post (Posyandu) activity for the elderly in Bekasi Regency. The Elderly Posyandu was developed following the direction of the Minister of Social Affairs, Tri Rismaharini, that Posyandu is a form of Community Based Health Efforts (UKBM) which is managed and organized from, by, and for the community.


The Elderly ATENSI Posyandu is an integrated services post carried out by the community to provide integrated social services to the elderly, both individually and collectively. This activity is carried out to improve the social welfare of the elderly through community empowerment and provide convenience for the elderly in obtaining social welfare services.


In addition, Posyandu aims to be a forum or facility for the elderly community; to increase the physical and psychological endurance of the elderly so as not to get sick easily; to maintain the functional status of the elderly to remain active and healthy by routinely conducting health checks; to increase interaction among the elderly, families, and the younger generation through integrated service activities; and to increase the role of the elderly in society.


Based on these directions, the "Budi Dharma" Center in Bekasi began to open the implementation of the Posyandu activity which was held at the "Teratai Posyandu" in Karang Satria Village (12/10) and was attended by 20 elderly. The implementation of this activity was also accompanied by the local government such as Nur Wahyi as the Camat Secretary, Zainuddin Resan as the Village Head, the Head of the Public Health Center, and Cadres.


In the next activity, Posyandu was held in Jatimulya Village (14/10) and the activity was attended by 20 elderly. At the opening of this Posyandu, it was started by providing counseling about the elderly ATENSI Posyandu by conveying the purpose, types of activities and triggering the name of the Posyandu, selecting the chairman and making an appointment or commitment of all participants to be active in the activities of the elderly ATENSI Posyandu. So the name "Posyandu Bahagia" was born in Jatimulya Village.


This October, similar activities are planned to be carried out in Setia Mekar Village and Kebalen Village by inviting the Village Head and the Head of the local Public Health Center.


Activities in each Posyandu are exercises, supplementary food/nutrition, counseling, therapies such as psychosocial therapy, livelihood and mental-spiritual therapy, group dynamics, and counseling.

Writer :
Humas Balai Budhi Dharma Bekasi
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Annisa YH
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Karlina Irsalyana

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