Bekasi “Budi Dharma” Center Disburses ATENSI for Elderly in Jakarta

  • Bekasi “Budi Dharma” Center Disburses ATENSI for Elderly in Jakarta
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JAKARTA (October 21, 2021) - Providing the best services to the elderly is one of the duties and functions of the Ministry of Social Affairs. As one of the Technical Implementation Units (UPT) within the Directorate General of Social Rehabilitation, Social Rehabilitation Center “Budi Dharma” in Bekasi seeks to make this happen through the Social Rehabilitation Assistance Program (ATENSI) for the elderly.


ATENSI is a social rehabilitation service that uses a family, community, and/or residential based approach through activities to support the fulfillment of decent living needs, social care and/or child care, family support, physical therapy, psychosocial therapy, mental spiritual therapy, vocational training, coaching entrepreneurship, social assistance, and accessibility support.


The Center, which covers 16 provinces as its working area, has a total target of 12,650 elderly who will be assisted in the ATENSI program. Step by step the distribution of assistance has been carried out, starting from an assessment of the needs of the elderly to collaboration with Bank Mandiri for the implementation of Opening a Collective Account (burekol).


''We have to take faster and more precise steps in distributing ATENSI support so that the assistance can be quickly utilized by the elderly recipients of assistance, therefore we hope for the cooperation of all parties, considering the time is getting closer to the end of the year,'' said Pujiyanto, Head of Budi Dharma Bekasi.


The Special Capital Region (DKI) of Jakarta is one of the provinces in which the Center is located. There are a total of 55 beneficiaries from 4 (four) Pusaka in DKI Jakarta who submitted applications for assistance, namely Pusaka 49, Pusaka 57, Pusaka 122, and Pusaka 136.


As of today, Thursday (21/10), 27 beneficiaries have received the assistance. The disbursement of assistance was carried out at three Sub-Branch Offices (KCP) of Bank Mandiri, with details of 7 Pusaka 49 beneficiaries at KCP Cempaka Mas, 13 Pusaka 49 beneficiaries at KCP Cempaka Putih Permai, and 7 Pusaka 57 beneficiaries at KCP Rawasari.


This disbursement was successfully carried out with intense coordination by the Center with three KCP Heads, namely Anton as Head of KCP Rawasari, Fitri as Head of KCP Cempaka Putih Permai, and Romi as Head of KCP Mega Wholesale Cempaka Mas with Bayu as Head of KCU Cikini who oversees the three KCPs above.


Several obstacles such as the time-consuming process of issuing account books and ATM co-branding ATENSI can be overcome by using a solution using the “My Savings” book. Beneficiaries can make direct withdrawals of assistance at the teller using the “My Savings” book and then spend it according to the previous assessment.

"We will continue to try to speed up the process of making the ATENSI account book and ATM co-branding, but so that assistance can be distributed immediately while we open the "My Savings" account book for beneficiaries," said Bayu.

Further disbursement process is also being pursued by the other 28 beneficiaries. The acceleration carried out is an effort so that the assistance distributed can be utilized quickly and accurately by the recipients of the assistance.

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Humas Balai Budhi Dharma Bekasi
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Annisa YH
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Karlina Irsalyana

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