Surakarta "Soeharso" Center Present at the 2021 HDI Commemoration in Jakarta

  • Surakarta "Soeharso" Center Present at the 2021 HDI Commemoration in Jakarta
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JAKARTA (December 1, 2021) - Commemoration of International Day of Persons with Disabilities (HDI) 2021 on December 3, 2021, the Ministry of Social Affairs held a commemoration of HDI starting from December 1 - 4, 2021, a series of agendas for the first day on December 1, an exhibition inauguration was held from participants disability and assisting with ATENSI disability and support for orphans.


Coinciding with HDI 2021 is to answer the challenges and problems faced by people with disabilities, namely that this warning aims to increase public awareness about disability, eliminate stigma against persons with disabilities and provide support to increase independence and equal rights of persons with disabilities in various aspects of life.


This goal is in line with HDI's theme for 2021, namely "Leadership and Participation of Persons with Disabilities Towards an Inclusive, Accessible and Sustainable World Order Post-Covid-19". The commemoration of HDI in 2021 will be centered at the Aneka Bhakti Building, the Ministry of Social Affairs in Jakarta.


In commemoration of HDI 2021 in Jakarta, the Soeharso Surakarta Center was present by providing ATENSI support and filling out exhibition activities, in the form of handicraft and batik exhibitions, baristas, and ornamental plants managed by PPKS from SKA Manahan, for exhibitors filled with 70 booths including from Liposos (Social Housing Complex) of Surabaya City.


Before being opened by the Minister of Social Affairs, the ribbon was cut first and continued with the delivery of ATENSI support. On the occasion, the Minister of Social Affairs visited the ATENSI support for disability at the Soeharso Center, Surakarta, while the ATENSI support from the Soeharso Center for ATENSI totaled Rp. 279,850,000,-.


The assistance is in the form of 1 standing wheelchair/multipurpose wheelchair, 1 electric wheelchair and 1 above knee prosthetic leg, and 1 below knee prosthetic leg. In the submission to PPKS, Social Minister Risma was pleased to hand over a standing wheelchair/multipurpose wheelchair worth Rp. 53.750.000,- to Eprisa Nova Rahmawati (19) or familiarly called Rahma. Rahma is still studying at Muhammadyah University, Purwokerto, majoring in Information Technology, Semester I and comes from Banjarnegara Regency.


The next wheelchair is an electric wheelchair worth Rp. 24,000,000, - which was given to Alfiana Astri Prameswari by greeting Fia (29) from Sleman Regency. Fia graduated from the English Department of the Indonesian Islamic University (UII) and graduated with satisfactory results, namely cumlaode with a 3.75 GPA. After completing his undergraduate studies, he continued with his master's degree at Yogyakarta State University by majoring in English translator applied linguistics.


After the handover of the wheelchair, it was continued with the delivery of a prosthetic leg above the knee of the left leg worth Rp. 10,500,000,- which was given to Irwan (35) who came from Bogor Regency.

Irwan had a traffic accident in 2020 and resulted in the amputation of his left leg, above his knee. Irwan's daily work is in the field of contractors.

The last PPKS was Asep Susanto from Bogor Regency who received assistance with a prosthetic leg under the right knee worth Rp. 5,500,000,-. Asep's daily job is as a motorcycle taxi driver. Asep amputation of right leg below the knee due to traffic accident in 2003.

In the delivery of a standing wheelchair/multipurpose wheelchair to Rahma, in front of Mrs. Risma and the audience Rahma demonstrated the use of her wheelchair by going back and forth and while erecting her body accompanied by running her wheelchair, after demonstrating her multi-purpose wheelchair, spontaneously got applause from the Minister of Social Affairs and the audience.

Rahma was touched and said, "Thank you to the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Soeharso Surakarta Center for the provision of this multi-purpose wheelchair, of course using this wheelchair will help me in mobility for college and other activities," said Rahma.

Before moving on to another stand, Social Minister Risma received a painting prize, namely a painting of President Joko Widodo and a painting of Tri Rismaharini, the painting was the work of Rahma herself. Also from Asep, thanking the Ministry of Social Affairs and also Soeharso Surakarta Center for the gift of this prosthetic leg.

"After I tried the prosthetic legs, they are light and comfortable to wear, and can be used to carry a car," said Asep. In Irwan's opinion, the prosthetic legs are very light and can run and make it easier for me to do my work," he said.

Writer :
Humas Balai Besar Prof. Soeharso Surakarta
Editor :
Annisa YH
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana

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