The Warlord, Nickname for "Richei", Cerebral Palsy Disability in Klaten

The Warlord, Nickname for "Richei", Cerebral Palsy Disability in Klaten

KLATEN (May 20, 2022) - His eyes lit up as Maryadi's tender loving touch rested on Richei's forehead. Yes, Michael Richei Wiputra (8 years old), the second child of the spouse--Maryadi  and Yanti Kumalasari (late) suffered from Spastic Cerebral Palsy after meningitis surgery when he was 2 years old.


Narrowed muscles with stiff movements, especially in the legs, arms, and back in this Spastic Cerebral Palsy sufferer have made Richei spend his days in bed for the last 6 years.


Richei could only give mouth-watering cues when he was hungry and his hands and feet were only covered in the skin when he felt something uncomfortable in his body.


Maryadi was not wrong to name this special child. "Wealthy warlord, that's what our son's name means," he said. The name implies Richei's struggle for the last 6 years fighting his illness until now.


Starting at the age of 2 years, Richei experienced a high fever. Several times he was taken to the nearest health service, but he never recovered. Until finally he was referred to Sardjito Hospital for a CT Scan.


The results showed that the brain bones were not completely closed, so fluid from the brain fell into the nose. This caused Richei to suffer from meningitis.


Richei underwent surgery and treatment at Sardjito Hospital for approximately 50 days. While recovering, Richei's parents had to face the fact that after treatment Richei had a disability with the criteria for Spastic Cerebral Palsy.


Maryadi's spirit never stopped for the sake of her son's recovery. He works hard in the morning as a construction worker with an income of IDR 100 thousand per day. In the evening, work on orders for the manufacture and repair of sofas, cabinets, and other household furniture with an income of IDR 1 million per month during Covid-19.


The foundation of his spirit suddenly collapsed when he learned that his wife had brain cancer when Richei was 5 years old. Only one week in the hospital, his wife breathed her last.


"I was worried at that time, I was down. I was afraid that I couldn't take care of my children. But everything was pushed aside after I realized that there is a mastermind in this life. I am just a puppet, living with gratitude. That's my motivation," he said when met at His residence in Dengkeng Hamlet, Wedi District, Klaten Regency.


Until now, Richei is being cared for by his sister, Stephania, who is an STIE YKPN student majoring in Accounting Economics.

While studying online, Stephania can take care of her little sister at home. He doesn't demand much, even on holidays, he chooses to stay at home taking care of his sister rather than just going out with his friends.

Support came from various parties. The Ministry of Social Affairs also responded to Richei's condition by providing an adaptive wheelchair.

"The adaptive wheelchair from the Ministry of Social Affairs is very helpful. Now his brother often takes Richei out of the house using an adaptive wheelchair. So the chair can be adjusted, it can be in a sitting or sleeping position or even standing. There are head and leg guards too, so it's safe and comfortable for Richei ", he explained.

In addition to Adaptive Wheelchair Assistance, the Ministry of Social Affairs through the Integrated Center Prof. Dr. Soeharso Surakarta also provided additional nutritional assistance as well as motivation and education for families. This is done so that the family can provide therapy and practice light physical movements for Richei to stimulate nerves, reduce muscle stiffness, and other treatment measures.

The Ministry of Social Affairs will provide business assistance for Maryadi. When offline lectures start, Maryadi has to work at home, so that she can take care of Richei.

The Ministry of Social Affairs also cooperates with in opening donations for Richei. Donations from #orangbaik that were collected amounted to IDR 70,851,486 and were handed over directly by the Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini and the team to Maryadi. The proceeds from this donation will be used for Richei's medical and nursing expenses.

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