"Galih Pakuan" Center Bogor Commemorates National Awakening Day 2022

"Galih Pakuan" Center Bogor Commemorates National Awakening Day 2022
BOGOR (May 20, 2022) - In commemoration of National Awakening Day, the Galih Pakuan Center Bogor held a Ceremony in the front yard of the Beneficiary Dormitory Building. The ceremony was attended by 39 ASN, 20 PPNPN, 10 Addiction Counselors, and all Residential Beneficiaries at the Galih Pakuan Center, Bogor.


The Head of Galih Pakuan Center, Siti Sari Rumayanti, conveyed several important messages in interpreting this National Awakening Day, including the need for enthusiasm to rise from all of us to be even better. "Let's interpret the momentum of this National Awakening Day as a spirit of change to be better in all things, enthusiasm in improving the performance of HR in this Center, and the spirit of changing behavior for the Beneficiaries for a better future", said Sari to all participants in the ceremony.


By carrying the theme "Let's Rise Together" in commemoration of the 2022 National Awakening Day, it is hoped that it can increase our enthusiasm to contribute to the implementation of development and be ready to make changes for the better in all aspects of life.

Writer :
Tim Humas Sentra Galih Pakuan Bogor
Editor :
David Myoga
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana

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