Ahead of the 2022 HLUN Commemoration, the "Galih Pakuan" Center Holds a Blood Donation Event

Ahead of the 2022 HLUN Commemoration, the "Galih Pakuan" Center Holds a Blood Donation Event

BOGOR (May 23, 2022) - To commemorate HLUN (National Elderly Day) 2022, the Galih Pakuan Center Bogor held a blood donation activity which was attended by participants from various elements, namely HR and Beneficiaries of the Galih Pakuan Center, students, and communities around the Center area. Of a total of 60 people who registered to be donors, 45 people were deemed eligible to donate blood.


In her remarks, the Head of the Bogor Galih Pakuan Center, Siti Sari Rumayanti, said that this blood donation activity was one of a series of other activities to welcome the 2022 HLUN. "Thank you to all parties involved in this activity, PMI Bogor Regency, Radio Antar Penduduk Indonesia (RAPI) Bogor Regency, as well as all officers and also participants who donated blood today. In addition to this activity, in commemorating HLUN, the Galih Pakuan Center will also provide ATENSI services to 299 elderly in Tasikmalaya, "said Sari.


On the same occasion, PMI Bogor Regency warmly welcomed the blood donation activity carried out by the Galih Pakuan Center. "We appreciate this activity because it helps us in providing a stock of blood needs in Bogor Regency, which is around 250 bags every month," said Suwariyatno one of the doctors from the Bogor Regency PMI Team.


The Secretary of RAPI for the Bogor Regency Region, Didin M. Rasyidi, also expressed the same thing, hoping that this activity can be carried out periodically as a form of cooperation between the Galih Pakuan Center and the Bogor Regency PMI.

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Tim Humas Sentra Galih Pakuan Bogor
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David Myoga
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Karlina Irsalyana

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