Mulya Jaya Center Employees Donate Blood in a Festive of HLUN 2022

Mulya Jaya Center Employees Donate Blood in a Festive of HLUN 2022
JAKARTA (May 24, 2022) - Welcoming the 26th National Elderly Day (HLUN), the Ministry of Social Affairs through the "Mulya Jaya" Center in Jakarta invites all employees to be able to take part in the Blood Donation activity held at the Indonesian Red Cross Office (PMI) Jakarta. This activity is also one of a series of HLUN 2022 events with the theme "Healthy Elderly, Strong Indonesia".


In this blood donation activity, every participant from the "Mulya Jaya" Center employee must go through a health screening test, blood pressure, and hemoglobin. If the results are declared passed, then they can donate blood. "Give blood and keep the world-beating" was the theme of this activity.


Head of Mulya Jaya Center, Adrianus Alla said that the purpose of this blood donation activity is to manifest a caring and voluntary attitude in helping others and to increase awareness of contributions so that they can be useful for public health.


"Blood donation is a positive activity that we can apply and make good habits. Besides being beneficial for health, blood donation also increases a sense of concern for helping others," said Adri.


This activity was enthusiastically welcomed by the blood donor participants because, after 2 years after Covid-19, they are now finally able to contribute to donating blood voluntarily.

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