Arrange Books, Puspensos Expect Effectiveness, Efficiency and Acceleration

  • Arrange Books, Puspensos Expect Effectiveness, Efficiency and Acceleration
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Writer :
Alfian Anugrah P
Editor :
Annisa YH
Translator :
Alfian Anugrah P

JAKARTA (November 8, 2019) - Social Counseling Center, one of the work units of the Social Education and Counseling Education Board that has a strategic goal in realizing Social Resilient Village (Kelurahan).

Social Resilient Village is a geographical and / or administrative area that has an interest in the community, has the readiness of resources, ability and willingness to prevent and overcome problems of independent social welfare and maintenance.

Considering this, the Social Counseling Center is compiling books in an effort to make effectiveness, efficiency quickly and accelerate in improving social completeness.

 "Preparation of this Social Counseling Book can increase creativity and contribute ideas so that in the future a book can be arranged which can be used as a reference for the Social Counseling Center," said the Head of Badiklitpensos, Syahabuddin at the Mercure Jakarta hotel, (11/08)

On the same occasion, the Head of the Social Counseling Center, Hasim said that to achieve the strategic objectives, there were four indicators determined by the Social Counseling Center, namely the availability of competent social educators, the creation of a need for social support from the community, the creation of an increase in capability to support community social participation.

In compiling this book, the Social Counseling Center presented discussants from the Head of the Center for Professional Development of Social Workers and Social Welfare, Widyaiswara from the Keos Training Center, Political Lecturer in Social Welfare Polytechnic Bandung, and the discussion team from the Social Counseling Center.

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