Banten Community Social Counselor Goes Down Street to Distributing Parcel

  • Banten Community Social Counselor Goes Down Street to Distributing Parcel
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BANTEN (April 17th 2020) - Community Social Counselor or better known as Pensosmas is showing his active efforts to break the chain of COVID-19 spread. They took to the streets while still applying social distancing to distribute parcels in the form of cloth masks, snacks, hand sanitizers, mineral water and gloves, on Friday (17/04/20) on Jalan Sudirman and the Karang Hantu Kasemen area, Banten.

This activity was carried out because of the volunteer spirit of the Pensosmas Banten in seeking opportunities to synergize with the existing source system. In this case, KY Production, which is a business actor engaged in event organizer services, also contributes together with Pensosmas in this activity.

Contributions made were giving 500 packages of gifts through Pensosmas which were then distributed on the streets to MSME actors, mobile traders, scavengers, pedicab drivers, and motorcycle taxi drivers. In addition to distributing gifts, they also provide mobile counseling related to breaking the chain of COVID-19.

KY Production also admitted that they were very happy to be able to cooperate with Pensosmas, which has high fighting spirit and volunteerism. In addition, happy faces also emanated from the recipients of the gifts because they felt that they were cared for by the distribution of gifts and counseling.

"I am very proud to be Pensosmas Banten because I can help and share with people in need, especially those who are often on the streets and are prone to COVID-19," said Apriani, one of the Pensosmas involved in this action. "Hopefully Banten can avoid the many cases of COVID-19 and not forget to always get closer to the Almighty," he concluded.

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