BBPPKS Banjarmasin Prepares a Hospital for Medical Staff

  • BBPPKS Banjarmasin Prepares a Hospital for Medical Staff
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BANJARBARU (May 1, 2020) - Banjarmasin Social Welfare Education and Training Center (BBPPKS) Banjarmasin in collaboration with the Banjarbaru City Government facilitates a resting place for Medical Staff at the Idaman General Hospital to protect the COVID-19 chain.

The close distance between the dream hospital and BBPPKS Banjarmasin is one of the considerations in choosing the Banjarmasin BBPPKS office dormitory as a resting place for the medical staff.

Banjarbaru Deputy Mayor Darmawan Jaya Setiawan accompanied by Acting Head of BBPPKS Banjarmasin Badriyah gave guidance to medical staff at RSDI Banjarbaru who directly contacted COVID-19 patients who were invited to the Banjarbaru Regional Hospital also provided COVID-19 medical personnel, Friday (1/5/2020)

"Medical personnel as the frontline to use the corona or COVID-19 virus pandemic in Banjarbaru City are very susceptible to virus transmission from positive patients, with this the Banjarbaru City Government linked to the Center for Social Welfare Education and Training (BBPPKS) Regional Ministry of Social Affairs IV Kalimantan provides accommodation facilities for medical staff at the Banjarbaru Hospital, Darmawan said

Darmawan further said that this facility was very helpful for the mobility of medical personnel who were domiciled from outside Banjarbaru City, and the Deputy Mayor of Banjarbaru also helped to thank the Central Social Welfare Education and Training Center (BBPPKS) of the IV Social Ministry of Kalimantan for support for the Banjarbaru City for together Overcoming the problems of breaking the money chain and stopping the transmission of COVID-19 in Banjarbaru City.

"Most of the ideal hospital medical staff reside outside the city of Banjarbaru (Banjarmasin City and Banjar Regency), trips that take less than an hour depending on traffic conditions," he added

While in the same place, the Acting Head of BBPPKS Banjarmasin, Badriyah, sent if the Synergy of the City Government with all related parties including the Ministry of Social Affairs to finish was very good, with the same togetherness and assistance to get out of this virus pandemic.

"What is given today is a form of attention to medical personnel who are dealing directly with the public who are turning higher transmission to their own health," he revealed

I agree that adequate rest in a very good place is an encouragement for physical and physical health and physical fitness which contributes greatly to the role of implementing optimal health tasks, concluded Badriyah

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