BBPPKS Jayapura Coordinates with the Regent of Keerom Papua Regency

BBPPKS Jayapura Coordinates with the Regent of Keerom Papua Regency

JAYAPURA (March 25, 2021) - Located in the Deputy Regent of Kab. Keerom Papua, representatives from BBPPKS Jayapura and Unicef ​​Papua were officially received by Mr. Wahfir Kosasih (Deputy Regent of Keerom Regency)

Representative of the Jayapura BBPPKS, Dr. Kasim Saleh AKS. MM conveyed the importance of validating and verifying data on social assistance recipients as well as national priority programs from the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs such as the Family Hope Program (PKH), BPNT (Non-Cash Food Assistance), Cash Social Assistance (BST) and the Integrated Referral Service System (SLRT) program. .

SLRT is President Joko Widodo's priority program (social protection reform) which functions as follows: Integrating information, data and social welfare services, Identifying and handling complaints and making referrals, Recording program participation and needs, Supporting the implementation of Social Sector Minimum Service Standards (SPM) , and Assisting the implementation of updating DTKS using the Next Generation Social Welfare Information System (SIKS-NG).

On the same occasion, Mrs. Dhiana Anggraeni, Unicef ​​Child Protection Staff explained about the Integrative Child Social Welfare Program (PKSAI). Where this program has a main focus is Social Rehabilitation as an effort to restore social functioning and reduce the level of children's vulnerability (early intervention) to threats and adverse impacts from all forms of violence and neglect.

The main keys of PKSAI are the speed and accuracy of responding, the accuracy of identifying groups of vulnerable children and specific problems, and the integration of risk reduction services by multi-actors. PKSAI main strategy Collaboration across DPOs and community institutions in the delivery of child welfare and protection services.

Local Government Response District. keerom in following up on the socialization and advocacy of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Unicef ​​programs was very good, which was marked by holding follow-up meetings to socialize and implement the program with related regional organizations such as the Social Service, the Women Empowerment and Child Protection Agency, the Education Office, the Health Office and Bapeda Kab. Keerom

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