BBPPKS Regional I Sumatra Continues to Improve Employee Performance

  • BBPPKS Regional I Sumatra Continues to Improve Employee Performance
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BANDUNG (March 3rd 2020) - In order to increase employee motivation and performance, BPPKS Regional I Sumatra, which is a BP3S work unit, is holding debriefing and employee performance improvement activities on March 3rd – 6th 2020 in Bandung.

The activity which was attended by 64 employees of BBPPKS Regional I Sumatra, both from ASN and PPNPN elements, was officially opened by the head of BP3S Syahabuddin and took the theme of Improving the Quality of Superior Human Resources, Towards High Performance Organizations. "BP3S as a work unit that is concerned with improving the quality of social welfare human resources, must also improve itself so that it becomes a qualified civil servant and is ready to face all the challenges in the current era".

On this occasion, Syahabuddin also advised all employees not to panic about the Corona virus outbreak that has entered Indonesia, "We need to be vigilant, maintain personal health and hygiene we must prioritize in order to avoid this virus".

During the activity the participants also received material from various sources, namely the Inspectorate General of the Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, BKN and the Head of the RI Ministry of Social Affairs Organization and Personnel Bureau. In addition to the material, the activity will also be filled with Benchmarking to 3 locations, namely: 1. Regional Government of West Java Province to observe the implementation of SAKIP; 2. Bandung NHI School of Tourism to study Housekeeping and Table Manner; 3. PT Kereta Api Indonesia to see the implementation of the e-office.

Writer :
Shintami Praborini
Editor :
Iman Imaduddin Hamdan; Annisa YH
Translator :
Lingga Novianto; Karlina Irsalyana

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