BBPPKS Sumatra Holds P2K2 / FDS PKH E-Learning Training

  • BBPPKS Sumatra Holds P2K2 / FDS PKH E-Learning Training
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PADANG (June 11, 2020) - P2K2 / FDS Training PKH E-learning Synchronous Phase organized by BBPPKS Regional I Sumatra, today, Thursday (11/6) has entered its third day. On this third day, the material discussed by the facilitator was about the overall Education and Childcare Module (PPA) review and session 5 of the Financial Management and Business Planning (PKPU) Module, which is about managing family finances.

The facilitators were lecturers from BBPPKS Regional I Sumatra and the Social Welfare Training Center of the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs. Besides being given material, on that occasion the participants also practiced acting as a facilitator who brought the material in one of the sessions in the PPA and PKPU modules.

Participants who appear to bring session material are then given a review and input related to their performance.

PKK P2K2 / FDS Training is a training aimed at PKH facilitators to improve the skills and technical assistance in carrying out their role as material facilitators in P2K2 / FDS activities.

P2K2 / FDS Training The Synchronous Stage lasts for 10 days with a total of 58 training hours.

In the training, participants are taught various techniques in facilitating or delivering material to the audience through the Facilitation Techniques Material. In addition to facilitation techniques, other important materials delivered in this training include education and childcare, material on Financial Management and Business Planning, material on Health and Nutrition, child protection material, and material on Social Welfare (Disability and Elderly).

These materials are the substance that will be delivered by the Mentor to KPM during the P2K2 / FDS activities. The main component in P2K2 / FDS PKH training is the practice component.

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