Boosting PKH Facilitator Competencies, the Ministry of Social Affairs Holds FDS PKH Training

  • Boosting PKH Facilitator Competencies, the Ministry of Social Affairs Holds FDS PKH Training
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LEMBANG (March 5th 2020) - The Bandung Center for Social Welfare Education and Training (BBPPKS) as one of the Work Unit of the Ministry of Social Affairs' BP3S Work Unit is currently holding P2K2 / FDS PKH Education and Training Batch I of 2020 which was attended by 120 people from various cities / regency in West Java region.

The Family Hope Program (PKH) is a national priority program that is expected to be able to reduce poverty and social inequality. This program is fronted by the Ministry of Social Affairs which in its implementation is also to encourage the independence of the beneficiaries so that in less than five years they have graduated independently or graduated from PKH membership.

Head of the Education Research and Social Counseling Agency (BP3S), Prof. Syahabuddin, said that PKH is one of the government's flagship programs that contribute to reducing the poverty rate, which currently reaches 10 Million families. In an effort to address poverty in Indonesia, the Government has been able to reduce poverty . Based on a report from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), the percentage of poor people in March 2019 was 9.41. Decreased 0.25 percentage points against September 2018 and decreased 0.41 percentage points against March 2018. In this regard, the Ministry of Social Affairs has contributed more than the target set at 1%, while the achievement was 1.03% (Source Lakin (LKj) Ministry of Social Affairs 2019).

The contribution of the Ministry of Social Affairs for the 2015-2019 RPJMN period to the percentage reduction in the National poverty rate is a key to the success of the Ministry of Social Affairs in its efforts to support one of the National Priority Programs. This success is inseparable from the efforts of the Ministry of Social Affairs. In dealing with the poor in a sustainable manner, one of the key factors for this success is the contribution of the assistants whose performance is so still and militant. This needs to be improved so that the target of reducing the poverty rate in 2020-2024 can be achieved.

The role of a companion is one of the factors that influence the success of poverty alleviation, because they have reliable loyalty, dedication and competence in implementing the Family Hope program.

The Ministry of Social Affairs has prepared the competence of facilitators through training for them, and to reach wider and faster educational services, by applying a learning process approach through e-Learning workshops and coaching of facilitators, managers and administrators related to the implementation of education and training through the method e-Learning.

This education and training aims to support current government programs in an effort to form superior human resources in realizing advanced Indonesia. By taking the hashtag of the Ministry of Social Affairs, namely KEMENSOS #HADIR: Humanist, Adaptive, Dedicative, Inclusive and Responsive can be used as Ethics in facilitation activities with Beneficiary Families .

P2K2 / FDS PKH Education and Training was held at the Radiant Hotel Lembang starting from March 5th – 14th 2020.

Writer :
Shitami Praborini
Editor :
Iman Imaduddin Hamdan; Annisa YH
Translator :
Lingga Novianto; Karlina Irsalyana

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