BP3S Continues to Train the Capacity Building of PKH Facilitators

  • BP3S Continues to Train the Capacity Building of PKH Facilitators
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YOGYAKARTA (2 December 2020) - The Education Agency for Social Research and Counseling (BP3S) through the Center for Social Welfare Education and Training (BBPPKS) continues to improve the ability of the family hope program (PKH) companion through competency improvement workshops.

Prof. Syahabuddin, Head of the Social Education, Research and Counseling Agency (BP3S) of the Ministry of Social Affairs said that PKH assistants must be superior human resources and ready to face the dynamics of change.

"One of the changes today is the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic. Facilitators are required to be creative in assisting PKH beneficiary families (KPM) by minimizing direct meetings," explained Syahabuddin when opening the PKH HR capacity building workshop in Jogja, Wednesday (2/12) .

BBPPKS Jogjakarta has trained 4,371 PKH facilitators in 2020.

Syahabuddin added that the workshop participants must be able to innovate in conducting technology-based family capacity building meetings (P2K2).

"PKH human resources must be technology literate. They can take advantage of IT in carrying out their duties," added Syahabuddin.

"Appreciation to BBPPKS Yogyakarta for completing the training 100% according to the targeted number of participants. In the midst of the current Covid pandemic, it does not reduce the performance of BBPPKS Yogya in printing and improving the competence of Social Welfare HR," continued Syahabuddin.

The head of BBPPKS Yogyakarta Murhadjani said the workshop for 2 days was attended by 60 city / regency coordinators in Central Java and Yogyakarta.

"We hope they can pass on the workshop results to other assistants," explained Murhadjani.

Murhadjani hopes that all PKH human resources can continue to work to encourage KPM PKH to graduate quickly so that their position can be replaced by other poor people.

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