BP3S Establishes Collaboration in Stunting Reduction and Prevention

  • BP3S Establishes Collaboration in Stunting Reduction and Prevention
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JAKARTA (June 22nd 2020) - The signing of MoU between the Social Education Research and Counseling Agency (BP3S) and the Tanoto Foundation has been done, related to Human Resource Development in the context of Stunting Reduction and Prevention.

On this occasion the BP3S was represented by the Head of the Social Education Research and Counseling Agency, Syahabuddin, while the Tanoto Foundation was represented by the Chancellor of the Bhakti Tanoto Foundation, Eddy Henry.

Through this collaboration, hoped that it can build cooperation in implementing, fostering, and synergizing human resources from both parties in the context of reducing and preventing stunting in children. Furthermore, the collaboration will cover the scope of social education research and counseling, capacity building in behavior change communication and training modules synergy to reduce stunting.

As a continuation of the MoU in the near future, a Cooperation Agreement between the Center for Social Welfare Education and Training (Pudiklatkesos) and the Bhakti Tanoto Foundation will soon be signed, regarding the Implementation of Strengthening the Capacity of PKH Social Companions in the context of preventing stunting by communicating behavior change.

In his opening speech, the Head of the Education, Research and Social Counseling Agency, hopes that this collaboration will improve the quality of the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs' human resources, including those who are in the forefront of efforts to create social welfare.

Writer :
Indro Widi Handoko
Editor :
Annisa YH
Translator :
Firli Afanti; Karlina Irsalyana

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