BPNT Distribution Coordination Meeting with HR in South Sulawesi

  • BPNT Distribution Coordination Meeting with HR in South Sulawesi
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MAKASSAR (October 3, 2019) - Director General for Poor Management Andi ZA Dulung gave direction in the Coordination Meeting (Coordination Meeting) Distribution of Non-Cashing Food Assistance (BPNT) with Human Resources (HR) in South Sulawesi. He said that in September 2019 all regions in Indonesia implemented BPNT. "This September we will start BPNT, we will coordinate and disseminate everything well," Andi said (3/10).

In the coordination meeting, Andi said that to make the BPNT program run smoothly. The 6T principle must be realized. The 6T consists of Right on Target, Right on Quantity, Right on Time, Right on Quality, Right on Price, and Right on Administration. "6T is the core of the problem of poverty which must be coordinated," Andi said.

Andi continued that the problem of poverty can be seen from three sides, namely how to reduce expenditure, how to provide them with a sustainable income, and how we can help create an e-warong where they have financial flows.

Through the social assistance program, Andi emphasized the effect that the poor people of 15 million were able to recognize ATM cards and increase their knowledge of banking.

"This is one of the empowerments in poverty alleviation work by encouraging people to get to know banks," Andi explained.

Furthermore, Andi explained the transformation of the Prosperous Rice Program (Rastra) into BPNT. He said that the design of the Literature program was not complete and there were always problems, the Principle of Literature was to distribute Bulog rice based on the Presidential Instruction.

Whereas for BPNT, the Ministry of Social Affairs was assigned to distribute money through the Association of State-Owned Banks (Himbara) provided that money could not be taken in cash and had to be bought rice and eggs.

Andi hopes that the Regional Division (Divre) and Sub-Divre can maintain Bulog's good name by maintaining the quality and quality of rice. Coordination between the Tikor, the Food Task Force and the National Logistics Agency must be made so that all tasks that need to be carried out by each person are lighter.

"This needs to be coordinated between Tikor, the Food Task Force, and the National Logistics Agency so that the tasks are lightened and only have to check if all of this is going well," Andi said.

The Coordination Meeting initiated was the Regional Secretary (Sekda) of South Sulawesi Province, Abdul Hayat who also served as Chairperson of Tikor. The coordination meeting was attended by the Food Task Force, the National Logistics Agency, and the Social Service in South Sulawesi Province. Andi is sure that if the coordination of all parts of the BPNT program is carried out well, the program will run smoothly and the community can receive the maximum benefits.

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