Explore the Potential of Public Relations, Badiklit-Pensos Holds Journalistic Training

Explore the Potential of Public Relations, Badiklit-Pensos Holds Journalistic Training

BOGOR (October 20, 2019) - Head of the Social Education and Counseling Education Agency (Badiklit Pensos) Ministry of Social Affairs (Kemensos) Syahabuddin said the role of public relations was very important for state institutions, such as the Ministry of Social Affairs.


In carrying out public relations functions in state institutions, he added, each work unit has an important role, especially in terms of socialization, publication, and advocacy.


According to him, the public relations function plays an important role both in their respective fields of work, as well as ministry programs in general, including national priority programs.


"Coordination between important work units continues to be maintained. Because in packing the news, it is still arranged in a spirit of togetherness in the context of the Ministry of Social Affairs as a whole," he said in a written statement, Sunday (10/20).


Therefore, strengthening the capacity of government public relations practitioners is very important. Professionalism needs to be sharpened to strengthen public relations management for social welfare development programs.


According to him, public relations officers in work units need to be provided with provisions to strengthen, both in terms of knowledge, public relations capacity, as well as building similarity of information and perceptions.


"Public Relations must be able to distinguish which information has news value and which is merely information. Must be able to distinguish between news, opinion and hoaxes, "said Syahabuddin.


To that end, Badiklit Pensos held a training on "Journalism and Photography Writing Techniques in Supporting Government Performance in the Badiklit Pensos Environment" in Bogor, Saturday (10/19/2019).


The activity was carried out to hone the abilities of public relations practitioners in the Ministry of Social Affairs.


"The aim is to be able to build understanding and support from the public or the community that is coordinated and integrated with the Ministry of Social Affairs Public Relations Bureau," said Secretary of the Badiklitpensos Harapan Lumban Gaol in his written address.


By honing this journalistic ability, it is expected that various information products in the Badiklit Pensos environment can be known openly and quickly by the public.


At the training, the committee invited a number of speakers and practitioners to improve writing and photography techniques among public relations officers.


As for one of the speakers, namely the Head of Publication and Publication News Ministry of Social Affairs Salahuddin Yahya.


In his presentation, Salahuddin Yahya emphasized, the readiness of the Public Relations Bureau to work in synergy with work units within the Ministry of Social Affairs in implementing various news reporting strategies.


Because the Public Relations Bureau will oversee a variety of news strategies that use various publication models.


As a result, programs and policies in work units can be socialized to the public.


"In the context of a broader public relations strategy, it is expected that synergy will grow in supporting the implementation of social welfare development programs," Yahya said.


For information, Computer Staff Sub Division of Information Management Pusdatin Eko Saputra also attended as a guest speaker.


Meanwhile, the training participants are structural and functional officials of the Ministry of Social Affairs.

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Humas Badiklitpensos
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