Fast Work, Social Minister Gets Appreciation from Commission VIII DPR RI

  • Fast Work, Social Minister Gets Appreciation from Commission VIII DPR RI
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YOGYAKARTA (8 October 2021) - Commission VIII of the House of Representatives (DPR RI_ reviewed social activities at the Yatim Putri Aisyiyah Orphanage Foundation (YPA) in Yogyakarta. During the visit to the A-level Social Welfare Institution to be able to see various social activities including orphanages.


Deputy Chairperson of Commission VIII of the DPR RI, Diah Pitaloka, revealed that the majority of activities at YPA Yatim Putri Aisyiyah were carried out by women.


“Solidarity working hand in hand and social movements are driven by these women's initiatives are the keys to success in overcoming the impact of the pandemic. This effort proves that the cooperation between elements of society and the government must be in synergy,” she said at Yatim Putri Aisyiyah, Yogyakarta.


Diah also added that in dealing with social problems, the government cannot do it alone, it needs synergy, one of which is with this social welfare institution," said Diah.

Commission VIII also gave appreciation to Social Minister Risma for responding quickly to assistance for orphans affected by the pandemic.


They get a direct transfer to the account. Where they will get the assistance of IDR 200-300 thousand per month.


Commission VIII expressed its support for the Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini's program which provides social protection for people affected by the pandemic.


"As a result of a working meeting with the Ministry of Social Affairs at the DPR RI, finally the budget for social assistance can be distributed quickly and integrated from the Ministry of Social Affairs. We also assisted in the form of assistive devices for disabilities," Diah explained.


In addition to assisting orphans, they also assist the poor and residents affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.


While being met at the same place while accompanying the Commission VIII, the Head of the Center for the Professional Development of Social Workers and Social Counselors, Tati Nugrahati, said that the Aisyiyah Yatim Putri Orphanage had an A Accreditation.


"This accreditation for Social Welfare Institutions (LKS) is a form of government appreciation and legitimacy for LKS because of its important role and contribution to the success of Indonesia's social welfare implementation," explained Tati.


In addition, Tati added that this accreditation has the aim of protecting the community from misuse of social work practices. Improving the quality of social welfare services and increasing the active role of the government, regional governments, and the community in improving the quality of social welfare implementation.

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