Fighting Crime and Prostitution in Children

  • Fighting Crime and Prostitution in Children
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YOGYAKARTA (March 11, 2020) - General Chairperson of the National Commission for Child Protection (KPAI), Arist Merdeka Sirait, provided material about child protection to participants in the Training Against Law (ABH) program at the BBPPKS Veterans Campus in Yogyakarta (11/3/20).

Arist delivered several examples of cases of violence against children, especially cases of sexual violence against children and cases of online prostitution.

"Online prostitution cases against children do not look at social status, can befall children from the lower middle to upper classes. Children who are dealing with the law continued Arist could be a witness, could be a victim, even could be a perpetrator. Online networking with international networking is connected through social media that is difficult to detect," said Arist

The Chairman of the KPAI appealed for the rise of cases of violence and prostitution of children, so as to give attention to children so as not to be addicted to gadgets (gadgets), because lately many cases of child abuse have occurred because children are addicted to games and watching violent video spread Through the internet.

Besides because of parenting mistakes, according to Arist, dependence on devices can damage the mental health and mental health of children so that they appear sadistic even to psychopaths and self-injury.

Arist hopes for training participants who will be the spearhead to give attention in their respective regions as part of a joint movement to work together to break the chain of prostitution which is now a scary phenomenon.

"So the skills to pay attention to the handling of the legal approach are very important so that law enforcement has a perspective not only of the legal process that must be carried out but also on a humanitarian basis," Arist explained.

"I want the Ministry of Social Affairs to be more forward in paying attention to the response of child sexual crime phenomena. The approach taken must be more comprehensive, measurable and sustainable not just rhetoric and normative," he said

Finally Arist advised that the training process does not stop at normative rhetoric but rather on direct humanitarian action so that it can break the chain of child prostitution. The village-based child protection movement must start at home, the village and the environment in which the child is located.

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Humas BBPPKS Yogyakarta
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