Government Public Relations Must be Ready to Welcome the Industrial Revolution 4.0

  • Government Public Relations Must be Ready to Welcome the Industrial Revolution 4.0
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BANDUNG (28 August 2020) - Entering the era of the industrial revolution 4.0, the development of information technology is so fast that it has an impact on the public in obtaining information.

Public demand for information that is fast, precise, and truly is necessary, where information and communication know no boundaries between space and time.

To equip public relations officers in its work unit, the Education and Social Counseling Agency (BP3S) held a Public Relations Workshop in the BP3S environment.

Head of BP3S Syahabuddin in his direction said that Government Public Relations is now required to change the mindset, namely from Government Public Relations which was previously conventional to Government Public Relations in the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0.

"Currently, the role of government public relations is very strategic in the midst of the development of information technology which continues to change so rapidly," said Syahabuddin in a Public Relations Workshop. Wednesday 26/08/2020.

Syahabduddin hopes that all participants who are also public relations executors in the BP3S environment can take part in the event seriously and can apply public information and communication management well in their respective work areas.

On the same occasion the Head of Legal Organization for Public Relations of the Secretariat of BP3S Indro Widi Handoko conveyed in his report that it was regulated in Law Number 14 of 2008 concerning Public Information Openness and its Implementing Regulations.

Indro explained that the purpose of holding this workshop is one of the Government's efforts to improve public information and communication services by Information and Documentation Management Officers (PPID) and Public Relations implementers in the BP3S environment.

Also present on this occasion were the Secretary of BP3S Harapan Lumban Gaol, while the resource persons who were presented from the Ministry of State Secretariat and from well-maintained public relations.

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