Graduation Ceremony of Bandung Social Welfare Polytechnic Achieve 375 Graduates of Social Workers

Graduation Ceremony of Bandung Social Welfare Polytechnic Achieve 375 Graduates of Social Workers

BANDUNG (October 15th, 2019) - Head of Education, Research and Social Counseling Agency (Badiklitpensos) Prof. Syahabuddin representing the Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita attended graduation ceremony of 12th Bachelor of Worker Study Program, specialist program 1 and the 53rd Social Work Study Program of Applied Social Welfare Polytechnic (Poltekesos) Bandung in 2019.

Today's Graduation Ceremony will be the first time the Bandung Welfare Polytechnic has held a graduation ceremony since the change in nomenclature that was inaugurated on July 9, 2019 by the Minister of Social Affairs.

In his speech, the Head of Badiklitpensos encouraged Bandung Poltekesos graduates to become professional social workers in order to improve the quality of governance of social welfare services for society.

"With the passing of the Social Workers Law, this Law also provides a strong legal basis for Social Workers as a profession in carrying out social work practices," Syahabuddin said at Sabuga ITB Bandung, Tuesday (10/15)

Furthermore, said Syahbuddin, the need for professional social workers increases with the emergence of new social problems, as the world develops and changes rapidly. This is a challenge for the Poltekesos Bandung to produce social welfare human resources that are active, innovative and responsive to changing times.

Today, Bandung Poltekesos graduated 375 people, consisting of 26 Social Worker Study Program Specialist graduates and 349 Applied Social Work Study Program graduates.

Also attending the event were officials from the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Government of West Java, including Director General of Social Empowerment Pepen Nazaruddin, Inspector General of Ministry of Social Affairs Dadang Iskandar, Regional Assistant for the Economy and Development of West Java Regional Secretariat Eddy M Nasution, Secretary of the Education Research and Social Counseling Agency Harapan Lumban Gaol, Head of Hasyim Social Counseling Center , Head of BBPPKS Bandung and Head of BBPPKS Yogyakarta.

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OHH Badiklitpensos
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Tutik Inayati
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Alika Sandra; Karlina Irsalyana

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