Head of BP3S: Maximized Synergy, Abolished Sectoral Ego

  • Head of BP3S: Maximized Synergy, Abolished Sectoral Ego
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CIREBON (January 16th 2020) - Head of the Research and Counseling Education Agency (BP3S) of the Ministry of Social Affairs (Kemensos) Prof. Syahabuddin gathered all the heads of Work Units (Satker) and the Director of the Social Welfare Polytechnic in the BP3S environment. This is done to strengthen the Institutional and HR Synergy within the BP3S for the implementation of performance in 2020.

In 2019, BP3S in implementing budget performance reached 95.87%. or Rp. 695,250,781,769, - from the PAGU Budget of Rp. 725,179,600,000,-. This result cannot be separated from the synergy and cooperation of all divisions and work units in BP3S as well as strong support from various parties in the Ministry of Social Affairs and related work partners.

"Do not ever have sectoral egos in every work unit in this BP3S. If one of us is successful it is a sign of our success. continue to maintain good coordination," said the Head of BP3S in the Technical Coordination Meeting at Aston Cirebon Hotel.

The Head of BP3S also reminded that the Vision of Advanced Indonesian Superior Human Resources was President Joko Widodo's main program.

"BP3S has the mandate to create superior social welfare human resources for the implementation of advanced social welfare. The role and function of BP3S are important, main and strategic. Of course, his responsibilities are getting bigger,” he added

On the same occasion the Inspector General (Irjend) of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Dadang Iskandar, was also present as a resource person for this activity. On that occasion the Inspector General explained related to the supervision and accountability of the Ministry of Social Affairs' program implementation and budget.

"I convey on this occasion, the Inspectorate General will not hamper activities and will continue to oversee the activities of all work units in the ministry of social affairs".

The Inspector General also added, "If possible, Pak Kabadan's suggestion is that for 2020, the BP3S priority program will be proposed. Each policy is based on research so that the policy can be implemented effectively and provide solutions to various social problems," he added

Meanwhile, BP3S Secretary Harapan Lumban Gaol conveyed in his report, we need clear regulations, in every existing problem. In the future, we also have to do frequent reviews.

Hope also conveyed his hope "To produce quality synergy requires good coordination and we must create innovations for durability" he concluded.

Other resource persons who attended this activity were from the National Planning Agency (Bapenas) and the Directorate General of Budget, Ministry of Finance.

The 2020 Technical Coordination Meeting (Rakornis) activity will take place for 4 (four) days from January 15th to 18th 2020, with 64 participants.

Writer :
Alfian Anugrah P
Editor :
Shintami Praborini; Annisa YH
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Dimas Puguh; Karlina Irsalyana

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