Head of BP3S Reminds the Role of Social Welfare HR at BBPPKS Sumatra

  • Head of BP3S Reminds the Role of Social Welfare HR at BBPPKS Sumatra
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BUKITTINGGI (December 1, 2020) - In order to get quality education and training, after the completion of training, it is expected that input from the alumni of the Education and Training, facilitators and organizers is expected.

So for that, one of the ways and efforts of the Regional I Sumatra Center for Education and Social Welfare Training (BBPPKS) is by holding a Family Development Session (FDS) E-Learning Family Hope Program (PKH) Evaluation Workshop. Region I Sumatra in 2020 during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Head of the Education Agency for research and social counseling (BP3S) Syahabudin who was present at the occasion was very important for human resources in the management and arrangement of social life.

According to him, BP3S as one of the units in the Ministry of Social Affairs has quite a challenging task in realizing the ability of the State Civil Apparatus or the community as superior human resources, especially in the development of the social welfare sector.

"Creating superior human resources in a normal new era certainly has challenges, especially BBPPKS Regional I Sumatra must respond to this condition well, quickly and precisely," said the Head of BP3S in the P2K2 / FDS e-Learning Training Evaluation Workshop. Tuesday 12/1/2020.

Meanwhile, on the same occasion the Head of BBPPKS Sumatra, Beni Sujanto, said that this activity aims to carry out the FDS Education and Training program which is already running in 2020.

"We are training this FDS to improve the quality of the implementation of better education and training, especially the P2K2 / FDS PKH E-learning Training in the following year," said Beni.

As information, the participants of this activity consist of 2020 PKH P2K2 / FDS training alumni from representatives of each Province in Regional Work Area I Sumatra, Regional PKH Coordinators from Regional I Sumatra work areas and PKH Regional Coordinators for Sumatra region.

The implementation of the Evaluation Workshop was held on December 1 - 4, 2020 by the Focus Group Discussion (FGD) method.

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