MoSA Assisted to Empower Jano’s Family, Increase Their Income and Gives a Better Life

MoSA Assisted to Empower Jano’s Family, Increase Their Income and Gives a Better Life
Writer :
Humas Dayasos
Editor :
David Myoga
Translator :
Dian Catur/Karlina Irsalyana

EAST SUMBA (June 16th, 2024) – Juliano Ngail Mbiliyora (Jano) has reached the age of three and can only lie at home due to cerebral palsy.

Living in Umamanu Village, Lewa Tidahu District, East Sumba, Jano was born to his mother, Yanti Pendu Jola (30), who was a person with disability. Jano’s family lived within limitations to fulfill their daily needs.

In Jano’s family, his uncle Soleman Reku Panu (48), had to meet their daily needs by working as a farmer on his farmland. Despite having a fairly large land, this family encountered some obstacles because of the lack of agricultural tools to cultivate the land.

Ministry of Social Affairs (MoSA) has assisted in empowering Jano’s family by providing a hand tractor unit for processing horticultural farmland and accelerating the planting process. Jano’s family also got 50 laying hens to increase their income and fulfill Jano’s family's nutritional needs to build a better life.

"Thank you. From the depths of my heart, with a sincere heart towards Madam Minister. I receive great help from farming tools, chickens, and Jano’s health. I’m very grateful,” Soleman said.

On a land about 1.5 hectares large, Jano’s family grew corn, nuts, sweet potatoes, chilies, tomatoes, vegetables, and paddy. The crops were sold to the market once a week and got IDR 250,000. The hand tractor assistance had a huge impact on his farming business.

"The benefit of this tractor is that we can easily extend the land and for horticulture," he said.

Now, Jano’s family could gain the benefit from the increased income and productivity. Jano got enough nutrition for his health and met his daily needs.

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