Mayor of Sukabumi Appreciates Ministry of Social Affairs’ Public Kitchen Service

Mayor of Sukabumi Appreciates Ministry of Social Affairs’ Public Kitchen Service

SUKABUMI (30 July 2021) - The Mayor of Sukabumi and his staff visited the Public Kitchen Service of the Ministry of Social Affairs through Social Rehabilitation Center “Phala Martha” and “Kahuripan” Sukabumi, supported by Tagana City and Sukabumi Regency. The visit was carried out to encourage the Public Kitchen team of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Tagana who have provided support to medical personnel and security officers for the Implementation of Public Activity Restrictions (PPKM) to handle COVID-19 in Sukabumi.


The Mayor of Sukabumi, Achmad Fahmi, expressed his appreciation and gratitude to the Ministry of Social Affairs through the Phala Martha and Kahuripan Centers who had assisted in efforts to handle COVID 19 through public kitchen services.


"We from the Regional Government of Sukabumi City would like to thank the Minister of Social Affairs, Tri Rismaharini. Thank God this public kitchen service activity was carried out well thanks to the collaboration between Phala Martha and Kahuripan, and supported by Tagana of the City and Sukabumi District Social Service," said Achmad Fahmi.


"We hope that in the midst of this pandemic, collaboration is the main keyword, so that there are no barriers or geographical or regional boundaries. But let's help together, especially the health workers and PPKM officers who are currently struggling tremendously in handling COVID 19," he added.


"And what all of our friends are doing at Phala Martha, this all shows our concern, especially for health workers and PPKM officers in Sukabumi City and Regency," he concluded.


The head of the Phala Martha, Cup Santo and the head of the Kahuripan, Sulistya Ariadhi expressed their gratitude for the visit of the Mayor of Sukabumi to the Phala Martha to visit the public kitchen.


"The Mayor's visit is a source of pride for us, this is a form of support from the City Government and an increase in our enthusiasm," said Cup Santo. The Centers are also grateful for the support that has been given by Tagana Sukabumi City and Regency.


"Thanks to the support and collaboration between the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Sukabumi City and Regency Social Services, and Tagana, thank God the public kitchen service has been running smoothly so far," he added.

“The public kitchen service which started on Tuesday (27/07/2021) produced 2,096 packages or 4,192 boiled eggs and has been distributed to 17 institutions consisting of Hospitals, Health Centers and PPKM Security Officers in the City and Sukabumi Districts. This public kitchen service will continue until the PPKM Level 4 period ends on Monday (02/08/2021)," he concluded.

Furthermore, the Head of Phala Martha and Kahuripan accompanied the Mayor of Sukabumi to see firsthand the activities being carried out by the public kitchen team from Phala Martha dan Kahuripan Centers, as well as Tagana who was preparing boiled eggs to be distributed the next day.

On that occasion, the Mayor had the opportunity to chat with Tagana and present a Certificate of Appreciation from the Ministry of Social Affairs to the Tagana Coordination Forum of Sukabumi City, and an award to the Tagana Coordination Forum of Sukabumi Regency, handed over by the Head of Cibadak District.

Also attending the visit were the Sukabumi City Secretary, Head of the Sukabumi City Social Service and Head of Social Service Division of Sukabumi City, Sukabumi City Kodim, Cibadak Koramil, Head of Cibadak District, and Head of Cibadak Sub District.

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Humas Balai Phala Martha dan Loka Kahuripan Sukabumi
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Intan Qonita N
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