Minister of Social Affairs: LKS as a Concrete Form of Human Resource

  • Minister of Social Affairs: LKS as a Concrete Form of Human Resource
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WEST MANGGARAI (29 November 2020) - The Minister of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia Juliari P Batubara had the opportunity to visit a Social Welfare Institution located in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) to be precise in Santa Maria Helena, Santo Damian Binongko and Abdi Kasih.

During this visit, the Minister of Social Affairs saw firsthand the LKS Accreditation process by the Social Worker and Social Extension Professional Development Center (Pusbangprof) through the Social Welfare Institution Accreditation Board (BALKS) as an independent institution for institutions in the field of social welfare, whether owned by the government, local government, and the community. .

According to the Minister of Social Affairs, this LKS takes the form of a concrete development of the human resources of the beneficiaries.

"Prepare our human resources, not just normal people that we prepare, our brothers who need social welfare services we must also strengthen their capacity," said Juliari, Sunday, 11/29/2020

Furthermore, the Minister of Social Affairs also said that this accreditation is important because it determines the feasibility level and standardization of social welfare management and a form of appreciation and legitimacy from the government to LKS.

Meanwhile, on the same occasion the Head of the Education Agency for Research and Social Counseling (BP3S) Syahabuddin conveyed that one of the activities carried out by the Peksos and Pensos Pusbangprof was to carry out evaluation and accreditation.

"In our activities we receive a lot of very useful input for the Social Welfare HR and LKS who have received benefits," said the Head of BP3S.

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