Ministry of Social Affairs Distributes Social Aid to Students

  • Ministry of Social Affairs Distributes Social Aid to Students
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JAKARTA (May 22, 2020) - The government, through the Ministry of Social Affairs, also provides social assistance in the form of food packages for students who cannot go home or go home because of the corona virus pandemic (COVID-19).

Secretary General of the Ministry of Social Affairs Hartono Laras who was also accompanied by the Head of the Social Research and Counseling Education Agency (BP3S) Syahabuddin was present to provide this food aid directly.

 "We send greetings from Mr. Social Minister Juliari Batubara to all our colleagues, we provide this assistance, I think this is not of value but it will be very helpful for fellow students overseas," Hartono said

Hartono further said that the Ministry of Social Affairs will continue to work together with one of them with students.

"Social Aid is freely accessible to students, we also need friends of students with the existing community because there is a possibility that there are still not combed and recorded for recipients of this social assistance," added Hartono

Through its top management, the Indonesian Muslim Students Union (SEMMI) received 168 food aid packages.

 "Social assistance from the President is very meaningful for us students to help us migrants who cannot return home and we are ready to help the Ministry of Social Affairs to record according to our abilities," said PB SEMMI Chairman Bintang Wahyu Saputra. Friday (05/22/2020)

Bintang also added that with this assistance, we have the enthusiasm for how we can work together together and work together to fight COVID-19, he added.

On the same occasion, the Head of BP3S also said that if this assistance is expected to be able to provide blessings, we also expect students to work in synergy with the government to break the COVID-19. chain. Students become our partners.

Also present in the delivery of basic food assistance Secretary of BP3S Harapan Lumban Gaol and Tati Nugrahati as Head of the Social Welfare and Social Welfare and Social Affairs Social Affairs Ministry of Social Affairs RI and the entire BP3S team

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