Ministry of Social Affairs Strengthens Psychosocial Services

  • Ministry of Social Affairs Strengthens Psychosocial Services
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JAKARTA (May 12, 2020) - In addition to social assistance (bansos), basic needs and social assistance, as a guarantee of social security in the context of COVID-19 accountability, the Ministry of Social Affairs also strengthens and supports the provision of psychosocial social assistance (LDP). This is because the impact of COVID-19 for the community is also related to the traumatic (psychological) aspects, besides social and economic aspects.

Social Minister Juliari P. Batubara encouraged staff to strengthen their psychosocial service program in overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic. Social Minister said, the pandemic affected all groups of people.

He said, not only the lower levels of society, those who work in the private sector who can get regular income, can suddenly because of understanding. In fact, business owners can also be threatened, because their businesses must close.

"This very rapid and drastic change can overcome psychological problems in our lives. Anxiety, difficulties, panic, hope will be the beginning felt by the community. This must be responded by the Ministry of Social Affairs, "said the Minister when he was the keynote speaker at the Webinar event titled" Program Launch of Psychosocial Services Responding to Pandemic COVID-19 ", in Jakarta (12/05).

If they suddenly become poor, he said, this is certainly not just an economic and social problem. But there are also psychological problems. Psychological and emotional problems also arise in families where one of the members is wrong COVID-19.

Because it must be separated from isolation, stigma and improper handling that may arise from the environment. "Psychosocial Services Programs can reduce the burden of individual and community transition. With the community's transition conditions that can help well, supporting will also help the community's readiness and resilience in the current transition, "said the Minister.

But in its implementation, the Ministry of Social Affairs cannot work alone in carrying out various pandemic thoughts. Social Minister invites all elements of the nation to work together and collaborate with the Ministry of Social Affairs, be it social workers, professional associations, universities, experts, and so on, working together to overcome problems.

"To all parties, including social workers, to help educate and motivate the public to be actively involved in various efforts to deal with COVID-19," he said. Related, in increasing discipline in changing health protocols: wearing masks, washing hands, distance, and so on. Thus, it is hoped that the epidemic will end.

For this reason, in the initial opportunity, the Ministry of Social Affairs needs to explore opinions, views, ideas from various related and competent parties, through online seminars (webinars).

This webinar involves social welfare human resources, students, mental health and psychosocial professionals, and social welfare service institutions and so on. This activity will take place 2 times a month.

"In the future, they will be volunteering to provide psychosocial services for these affected communities in COVID-19. Namely by following up on this activity with technical guidance (bimtek), "said Head of the Social Education and Counseling Education Agency (BP3S) Syahabuddin, who was also a resource person for the webinar.

The Ministry of Social Affairs also opened a 24-hour online psychosocial support and counseling hotline through the service number:

Monday: 082289184427

Tuesday: 087865783921

Wednesday: 082118619567

Thursday: 081388335030

Friday: 081779413341

Saturday: 08128711019

Sunday: 081335573778

The webinar activity was organized by BP3S as well as the Social Workers Professional Development Center and Social Extension Workers (Pusbangprof Peksos Pensos) in collaboration with the Indonesian Social Workers Association (IPSPI) and the Indonesian Social Work Consortium (KPSI).

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