MoSA Conducts Emergency Response to Child Victims of Sexual Violence

  • MoSA Conducts Emergency Response to Child Victims of Sexual Violence
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PAMULANG (January 24, 2022) – The Ministry of Social Affairs through Social Rehabilitation Center “Melati” Jakarta conducted an emergency response in handling acts of sexual violence experienced by a 4-year-old child with the initials WAI. The victim is suspected of having experienced sexual violence from an adult male who works as a construction worker near the victim's house in West Bulak Village, Kedaung Village, Pamulang District, South Tangerang.


The Acting Head of the Jakarta Melati Center, Romal Uli Jaya Sinaga, gave directions for the immediate assistance and provision of Psychosocial Support Services (LDP) to victims and their families.


"We are trying to respond quickly to information from the community and directly coordinate with our partners in South Tangerang. Furthermore, we will provide Social Rehabilitation Assistance (ATENSI) services to reduce the crisis faced by victims and their families," said Romal.


Based on the results of the assessment, it is known that WAI knows the perpetrator. On Wednesday (5/1/2022), the perpetrator was completing the renovation of a house that was located close to the WAI and his friends' playground. While WAI was playing, the perpetrator called and invited her into the house that was being renovated. The perpetrator then rubbed and pinched WAI's genitals.


After playing, WAI was bathed by his father and at that time his father found bloodstains on his daughter's underwear. WAI didn't stop crying in pain until the next day when she was examined by the midwife, it was discovered that WAI had a torn wound on her genitals. The midwife then suggested that WAI be sent for post-mortem at the hospital.


The Tangerang City Police Resort has conducted a post-mortem at the RSCM and confirmed the alleged sexual assault that WAI had experienced. The police have also detained the perpetrator with the initials S in his rented house and said they would process this case as soon as possible.


“Melati” officers provide assistance and LDP to WAI and their parents. WAI doesn't seem to understand what she's been through. However, WAI's response was very good when invited to communicate even though she was found to have a fever. WAI's parents also said that their daughter was still happily playing with her friends.


Melati Center Jakarta handed over ATENSI support in the form of fulfilling children's nutritional needs for WAI. In addition, Melati Center continues to coordinate with the South Tangerang City Social Office, the Integrated Service Center for Women and Children Empowerment (P2TP2A), and the South Tangerang City Police to ensure that the legal process continues and that WAI and their families receive ongoing assistance in efforts to heal the trauma and crises.
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