MoSA is Determined to Create Superior HR for the Advanced Indonesia

  • MoSA is Determined to Create Superior HR for the Advanced Indonesia
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JAKARTA (December 11, 2019) - The Ministry of Social Affairs (Ministry of Social Affairs) participated in preparing Human Resources (HR), especially Social Welfare HR. This step is also a manifestation of the role of the Ministry of Social Affairs to support government programs to create Advanced Indonesian HR.

"Without superior HR there will be no progress in Indonesia," said the Minister in his speech at the opening ceremony of the "International Workshop on Social Research and Policy" event at the Royal Kuningan Hotel Wednesday (11/12/2019)

According to the Minister, the government paid serious attention to human resource development in line with President Joko Widodo's determination to target a century of independent Indonesia (2045), that Indonesia would break out of the middle class trap and become a developed country.

"Indonesia's superior human resources are one of the keys in supporting the aspirations of advanced Indonesia," said the Minister as he expressed his views

Meanwhile related to the research and policy the Minister of Social Affairs said that synergy must be needed to solve existing problems.

"We have probably focused more on social protection programs for social protection and social security. I ask going forward for the Social Research and Counseling Education Agency (BP3S) to also conduct research on social empowerment," he said

One of the efforts of the Ministry of Social Affairs to create superior human resources is through the International Workshop, to synergize research with the development of social welfare policies and to increase human resource capacity with the University of South Australia.

The workshop brought together academics, both domestic and foreign, social sector researchers, policy makers, policy analysts, practitioners and other relevant stakeholders.

"This ongoing activity is a momentum for the Ministry of Social Affairs to contribute to giving birth to excellent seeds in increasing human resource capacity". The Head of the Social Affairs BP3S said Prof. Syahabuddin in his report.

"The Center for Social Welfare Research and Development (Social Research and Development Center) in the follow-up plan in collaboration with the University of South Australia will be set forth in the form of a Cooperation Agreement (MoU)". Said the Head of BP3S

The workshop is expected to be a place for exchanging ideas through presentations from experts and practitioners who bring up research, insights, good practices and learning, at the national level, as well as international experience relevant to the Indonesian context. this activity was held at the Royal Kuningan Hotel on 11 to 14 December 2019.

Present to accompany the Minister of Social Affairs, Inspector General Dadang Iskandar, Director General of Social Empowerment Pepen Nazaruddin, Director General of Social Protection and Security, Harry Hikmat, Also present were a number of Echelon 2 officials, structural and functional ranks within the Ministry of Social Affairs.

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