Pioneering Innovation, BBPPKS Yogya Founded PUSYANTENSI Omah Guyub

  • Pioneering Innovation, BBPPKS Yogya Founded PUSYANTENSI Omah Guyub
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YOGYAKARTA (9 April 2021) - In accordance with the direction of the Minister of Social Affairs, Mrs. Tri Risma Harini, the Center for the Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia to develop its functions outside the main task that has been implemented so far. BBPPKS Yogyakarta pioneered the establishment of the Social Welfare HR Competency Service Center (PUSYANTENSI) "Omah Guyub".

"Omah guyub" will be the place of service and service to the community, especially the social welfare human resources and the PPKS (Government of Social Welfare Services). "Murhardjani conveyed in the context of Soft Launching of PUSYANTENSI Omah Guyub BBPPKS Yogyakarta on Friday, April 9, 2021 at Campus 1 BBPPKS Purwomartani Kalasan.

PUSYANTENSI Omah Guyub BBPPKS Yogyakarta has two service units, namely the Social Entrepreneurship Incubation Clinic and the Disaster Response Unit. Social Entrepreneurship Incubation Clinic for Social Welfare HR and PPKS which organizes consultation, counseling, mentoring and facilitation activities for the growth, development and strengthening of social entrepreneurship, network development, cooperation and access to social entrepreneurship for Social Welfare HR and PPKS.

The Disaster Response Unit organizes the activities of the Rapid Response Team for disasters, consultation, counseling and development of human resources for disaster social affairs as well as network development and cooperation in the field of disaster. In the future we must maximize Social Impact or social impact on society through this service, explained Murhardjani. Like the meaning of the word Omah Guyub, namely the House of Togetherness to develop towards Prosperity.

PUSYANTENSI is believed to be a strategic step from BBPPKS Yogyakarta in transforming itself from an institution with one function, namely organizing education and training into a multi-functional institution, namely the development of Social Welfare Human Resources as well as community service or service and into a miniature of the Ministry of Social Affairs in the regions.

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