A Man Suspected of Having Mental Disorders Rampage in Sukabumi, Ministry of Social Affairs Provides ATENSI Service

A Man Suspected of Having Mental Disorders Rampage in Sukabumi, Ministry of Social Affairs Provides ATENSI Service

SUKABUMI (October 12, 2021) - The Ministry of Social Affairs through Social Rehabilitation Center “Phala Martha” Sukabumi responded quickly and provided Social Rehabilitation Assistance (ATENSI) services to people suspected of having mental disorders with the initials Eska rage violently, destroying stalls and breaking car windows in Karang Tengah, Sukabumi.


Let's say his name is Eska (39 years old), nine days ago he left the boat where he works as a fisherman in Muara Angke, Jakarta, which he had only been on for two days. Previously, Eska was a fisherman in Bungko Kapetakan, Cirebon Regency. Because the fish in Bungko did not meet the demands of the family's needs, the man, who has one wife and three children, was determined to leave his village to try his luck in Muara Angke.


Even after being in Muara Angke, Eska has not yet received the sustenance he had hoped for. It becomes a psychological pressure for Eska, who hopes to earn a living for his family but has not yet found it. In a state of severe stress, Eska traveled from Muara Angke to Sukabumi by bus intending to go to Palabuhanratu to try his luck again.


Due to the influence of his disturbed mental health condition, without knowing the cause, Eska vandalized the shop and broke the windshield of a public transportation car around the Lodaya Cibadak Vocational High School, Sukabumi. As a result, Eska was arrested by the public to prevent more victims, as informed on the news link SukabumiUpdate https://sukabumiupdate.com/posts/90253/sebelum-babak-belur-odgj-ini-ngamuk-rusak-warung-dan- mobil-di-sukabumi.


Receiving information from the public about a person suspected of being ODGJ who went berserk, Cup Santo as the Head of the "Phala Martha" Center in Sukabumi assigned a Social Worker to help deal with Eska's problem. Social workers arrived at the scene but Eska had been evacuated to the Cibadak Health Center. Eska had already received treatment for two wounds to the top of the head, seven and three stitches on the forehead when the social worker arrived at the Cibadak Sukabumi Health Center. Furthermore, the Social Worker offered to take Eska to the Center to get Social Rehabilitation Assistance (ATENSI) services while identifying Eska's personal and family data.


Since October 7, 2021, at 13.30 Eska has been staying at the Center to receive physical and mental health services by the Nurse, guided by the Hospital Psychiatrist, dr. H. Marzoeki Mahdi Bogor by telephone. Thanks to the antipsychotic drug therapy given to Eska, her mental health condition is getting better. Eska wanted to go home immediately and always asked the officers to find her family.


Social worker Umar Khaerudin coordinated by telephone with TKSK Kapetakan to trace the whereabouts of Eska's family. This coordination resulted in communication with the Bungko Lor Village Apparatus and Eska's family. On October 12, 2021, the family and village officials were able to meet Eska at the Phala Martha Center.

The presence of the family and village officials were accepted by the Head of Center and Social Workers and Nurses at the Center to discuss the condition of the problems, needs, and potential of Eska's family to solve the problems of economic difficulties faced and put pressure on Eska as the head of the household. On that occasion, Eska, who was recovering well, attended and spoke, expressing her desire to do business at home and she had an expressive spirit and joy on her face.

The Center, family, and village officials agreed with Eska's desire to start a shrimp and milkfish pond near her house. Phala Martha Center through family-based services will provide support services for fulfilling a decent life in the form of necessities and fostering shrimp and fish farming entrepreneurship for Eska and her family.

"The Social Rehabilitation Center team will soon go to Eska's house to fulfill Eska's wish", said Cup Santo. “The family must continue to accompany Eska for routine check-ups and undergo mental health recovery therapy”, he continued.

Aman representing his family and village government expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of Social Affairs for helping its residents who were displaced and found in Sukabumi. "We have been looking for Eska for nine days and are very happy and grateful that Eska has now been found," said Aman. Today we will pick up Eska to return home. We are ready to provide Eska assistance in health recovery and empowerment at home, he added.

The activity ended with the signing of Eska's Handover Minutes (BAST) from the Phala Martha Center to the family and the release of Eska and her entourage back home.

Writer :
Humas Balai Phala Martha Sukabumi
Editor :
Ahmad Ramadhan
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana

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