Scientific Oration at IAIN Bengkulu, Head of BP3S Talks about Excellent Human Resources

  • Scientific Oration at IAIN Bengkulu, Head of BP3S Talks about Excellent Human Resources
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BENGKULU (March 12nd 2020) - Head of the Social Research and Counseling Education Agency (BP3S) of the Ministry of Social Affairs (Kemensos) Prof. Syahabuddin delivered a scientific oration at the Doctoral, Masters and Bachelor Graduation Ceremony of the State Islamic Institute (IAIN) Bengkulu.

In his oration, Prof. Syahabuddin advised the Bengkulu academic community to strengthen morals and character education, as one of the qualifications needed to realize the national program towards Excellent Human Resources, Advanced Indonesia.

"I congratulate those who are inaugurated as Doctor, Masters and Undergraduate. Hopefully this inauguration will benefit the nation and state," said Prof. Syahabuddin started his speech. Thursday (12/3/2020).

According to him, excellent human resources are the key to a future Indonesia, which is marked by the characteristics of noble character, strong character, mastering skills, and mastering current and future science. The father of four children said that excellent human resources would be able to answer the threats facing the nation and state in the future.

"You guys are intellectual products, the existing dysfunction depends on the available human resources," said the head of BP3S.

Furthermore, Prof. Syahabuddin admitted that the theme asked of him, namely "The Role of Higher Education in Improving Social Welfare" was very appropriate. Given that this theme is closely related to the current national program launched by the government, namely Excellent Human Resources, Advanced Indonesia.

"Therefore, in my speech this time, I will convey some of President Jokowi's main thoughts in realizing the program," he said.

President Jokowi said that for the level of higher education, all parties must have the courage to set high targets. The President said that the human resources of Indonesian higher education graduates must be competitive at the regional and global levels.

"Our human resources must be competitive in character, namely hardworking, honest, collaborative and solution. On this occasion I also invite IAIN Bengkulu to collaborate with ministries / institutions to realize the national program for Excellent Human Resources, Advanced Indonesia," concluded the Head of BP3S.

In the same place, the Chancellor of IAIN Bengkulu Prof. Dr. H. Sirajuddin, in his speech, expressed his hope for the development of the institutional status of IAIN Bengkulu at the State Islamic University (UIN) Fatmawati Sukarno Bengkulu.

"As the Chancellor, I continue to strive in developing this institutional status, so that it can provide great benefits for the people of Bengkulu Province," he said.

Meanwhile, the Regional Secretary of Bengkulu Province Hamka Sabri who represented Bengkulu Governor Rohidin Mersyah congratulated the 729 students who graduated.

"Congratulation and succeed for your graduations. For IAIN Bengkulu, continue to strive to produce an Islamic generation with quality and usefulness for the progress of Bengkulu Province," said Bengkulu Governor Rohidin Mersyah.

As information, the Bengkulu State Islamic Institute (IAIN) graduated or inaugurated as many as 729 students at the Gunung Butut Building, Ex STQ Complex on Raden Fatah Street, Pagar Dewa Subdistrict, Selebar Bengkulu City. Of that number, 718 of them are bachelors, 9 masters and 2 doctors.

Writer :
Alfian Anugrah P
Editor :
Aryokta Ismawan; Shintami Praborini
Translator :
Lingga Novianto; Karlina Irsalyana

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