SIMONTOK: Application of the Monitoring and Evaluation System of the Directorate General of PFM

  • SIMONTOK: Application of the Monitoring and Evaluation System of the Directorate General of PFM
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BANDUNG (October 4, 2019) - SIMONTOK, the application of the Directorate General of PFM that answers the needs of accessing information needed by interested parties in accordance with the principles of transparency, accuracy, and validation to improve work efficiency and effectiveness.

This application has been run by the Directorate of PFM Region III since 2017 to evaluate the performance of KUBE, RS-RTLH and Sarling facilitators, including facilitating users in accessing information, beneficiary data to reporting on aid recipient development. Then the Regional I Directorate of PFM began to be adopted by adding an online regular social assistance submission system, to facilitate the delivery of data and materials from users to the PFM Directorate.

In accordance with the direction of the Director of Poor Region I (Director of PFM Region I), AM. Asnandar, when opening the Regular Social Service Evaluation and Location Determination of the 2020 Region, Thursday (3/10) yesterday, that the submission of proposals for the 2020 fiscal year will be done online through the SIMONTOK application.

The SIMONTOK socialization was conducted to 373 participants consisting of the Head of the Division and the admin of the Provincial / District / City social assistance data in Region I, the participants immediately inputted the data in accordance with the directions of the Regional II PFM Director, to provide opportunities to the Regencies / Cities in the region I to be able to propose two sub-districts each of two villages to get regular social assistance.

SIMONTOK functions to monitor the development of KUBE, RTLH and Sarling assistance which are reported every month by social assistants. The Performance Monitoring System (SIMONTOK) provides a system for submitting aid proposals and requiring groups of KUBE Recipients, RUTILAHU Hospitals, and Sarling that can be accessed by district officials and connected to the Integrated Social Welfare Data.

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