Social Entrepreneurship Can Speed ​​Up the Independence of KPM

  • Social Entrepreneurship Can Speed ​​Up the Independence of KPM
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YOGYAKARTA (16 October 2020)Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs in 2020 has a target to integrate 1 million KPM (Beneficiary Families). KPM is a beneficiary Family Hope Program.

In integrating KPM, of course, it will not be separated from the efforts of PKH assistants to accompany KPM to become independent Graduation.

For this reason, the Education Research and Social Counseling Agency (BP3S) has an important role in strengthening the capacity of PKH facilitators.

"PKH Facilitators at the forefront of the success of the PKH program, PKH Graduation must be absolutely ensured that KPM has the ability to independently fulfill basic needs" said the Head of BP3S, Syahabuddin in the opening of the P2k2 / Fds Pkh E-Learning Online Model of BBPPKS Yogyakarta.  Friday (16/10/2020).

According to the Head of BP3S, the social empowerment scheme as a complement to the PKH program must be implemented immediately through social entrepreneurship.

"In the future, we must coordinate with the relevant Directorate General to immediately carry out social entrepreneurship training for social assistants and for KPM" added the Head of BP3S.

The man who also likes cycling added that the entrepreneurial abilities possessed by KPM are expected to accelerate the independence of PKH recipients with their entrepreneurial abilities.

For information, the Yogyakarta Social Welfare Research Education Center (BBPPKS) will train 4,371 PKH Work Area assistants covering 6 (six) Provinces, namely: Yogyakarta, Central Java, East Java, Bali, NTB and NTT, consisting of 146 batches to be implemented  as many as 11

Batch I to VIII have been carried out and attended by 3,359 participants, then next participant IX will be held starting today, October 16 to October 27 2020 totaling 14 parallel forces with 420 participants from the Special Region of Yogyakarta, East Java and East Nusa Tenggara.

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