Social Outreach Activities and Social Assistance Distribution

  • Social Outreach Activities and Social Assistance Distribution
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JAKARTA (January 4, 2020) - At the end of 2019, our brothers and sisters in the Jabodetabek area experienced a flood disaster due to the overflow of the river which was also triggered by high and evenly distributed rainfall from upstream and downstream.

One form of BP3S Duties and concerns for the people who are victims of flooding. BP3S carries out social counseling and social assistance distribution activities.

The focus of the activity on this occasion was flooded at Binawan University. The team in this activity consisted of Social Instructors and Social Workers accompanied by BP3S Secretary Harapan Lumban Gaol.

The form of activities on this occasion began with a social outreach to children affected by flooding.

"The gripping panic situation at the time of the flood certainly left a trace of trauma in the hearts and minds of many people including children," said Harapan at the Binawan University flood post.

In this situation social counselors are present, because it is important for children and adults to get trauma recovery or trauma healing services, added Harapan.

In addition to trauma healing, BP3S conducts health counseling, focusing on the delivery of information on risks, prevention and mitigation of the possibility of menural disease after a flood.

It is expected that with this health education, residents affected by floods will be more alert to diseases that may arise after the flood and can prevent and mitigate them, so that residents affected by post-flood diseases can be minimized.

The focus of other activities is the distribution of aid in the form of food to people affected by flooding at the Binawan University command post.

Writer :
Alfian Anugrah P
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Shintami Praborini; Annisa YH
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