The Jayapura LDP Team and KIE BBPPKS Give Appeals to the Community

  • The Jayapura LDP Team and KIE BBPPKS Give Appeals to the Community
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JAYAPURA (April 30, 2020) - The Psychosocial Support Services Team (LDP), Communication, Information and Education (KIE) COVID-19 Handling from BBPPKS Jayapura on Thursday, April 30, 2020 met with the Village Heads in the District. Keerom to provide socialization related to handling, preventing and breaking the COVID-19 chain.

On this occasion the LDP Team distributed banners to village heads related to an appeal not to return to the village and to keep distance (social distancing) between residents. Installation of banners at several points in the district. Keerom and the distribution of masks to base taxis that were still operating during the corona outbreak were also carried out at this time of activity.⁣⁣⁣

Then the LDP Team met with the Acting Head of the Social Service District. Keerom to get information related to BPNT / Social Services Social Service Bansos. In Kab. There are 2717 Keerom recipients of Sembako Social Aid in 10 Districts, namely Arso, West Arso, Mannem, East Arso, Web, Towe, Yaffi, Senggi, Waris and Skanto.⁣⁣⁣⁣

In collaboration with the Social Service District. Keerom, the LDP Team paid a visit to the recipients of BPNT / Social Aid Social Service of Ministry of Social Affairs who were affected by the pandemic COVID-19 as well as asking for the community's response regarding the assistance received.

Some residents who were respondents were Clara Wey from Yanamaa Village, Loisa Katapea from Yanamaa Village and Suud from Yuwanaian Village. The three of them appreciated the government's step towards handling Co-19 by giving BPNT / Sosca Bansos to the community. Even though the interview found that there was hope from the beneficiaries that the assistance provided could be added to meet the needs for a month.

The residents expressed their gratitude to President Jokowi and the Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs who continue to pay attention to the small community in the midst of the corona outbreak.

Writer :
Humas BBPPKS Jayapura
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David Myoga
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Humas BBPPKS Jayapura

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