To Increase Quality Human Resources, the Ministry of Social Affairs Holds Managerial Training

  • To Increase Quality Human Resources, the Ministry of Social Affairs Holds Managerial Training
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JAKARTA (17 March 2021) - The government is committed to reforming state spending in order to strengthen efficiency for spending on basic necessities, effectiveness of priority spending and strengthening policy capacity. One of these 3 (three) efforts is the Redesign of the Planning and Budgeting System.

The urgency of this Redesign will of course require the contribution of Middle and High Primary Leaders in the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Facing this reality, the Ministry of Social Affairs through the Education Research and Social Counseling Agency (BP3S) continues to strive to improve the quality of the apparatus. One of them is by holding Managerial Competency Development through a webinar with the theme Increasing managerial abilities for Middle High Leaders and Primary High Leaders in the Ministry of Social Environment virtually, Wednesday (17-03-2021)

The Minister of Social Affairs (Mensos) of the Republic of Indonesia Tri Rismaharini was present to open this activity.

According to the Minister of Social Affairs, the logical implication of this Planning and Budgeting System Redesign is that the program no longer reflects the duties of the Echelon I unit but rather the duties and functions of the Ministries / Agencies.

"Activities are no longer arranged identically with UKE II or Vertical Satker of Ministries / Agencies. Output / Output must reflect real work" said the Minister of Social Affairs in a written statement.

The Minister of Social Affairs also said that the Redesign of the Planning and Budgeting System is needed in order to synergize changes in the government organizational structure with the planning and budgeting system.

The Minister of Social Affairs hopes that the Education and Training for Managerial Capacity Building can be directed to support the efforts to formulate K / L activities in accordance with the efforts to create an effective and efficient budgeting and planning system.

Meanwhile, at the same opportunity, according to the Head of BP3S, Syahabuddin. The government through the Ministry of Social Affairs, even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are still thinking about producing competent leaders.

"During this pandemic, we continue to think about producing competent human resources who can then adjust to high levels of adversity, setbacks and trauma, but then recover, said the Head of BP3S.

Furthermore, the Head of BP3S also said that the redesign of the planning, budgeting and reporting system could also be used as well as possible to unify views related to the ministry's program programs going forward.

The webinar, which was attended by 56 Middle and Primary Senior Officials in the Ministry of Social Affairs RI, is expected to be able to formulate activities that will be carried out later, which activities are cyclic activities, processes and sequences, which are activities that involve other work units. Middle and Primary College must be able to map so that later the Planning and Budgeting Redesign corridor can comply with the applicable regulations.

For information, the resource person in this activity was a lecturer from the Budget and Treasury Education and Training Center of the Ministry of Finance.

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