A Series of Activities at Galih Pakuan Center with Persons with Mental Disabilities

A Series of Activities at Galih Pakuan Center with Persons with Mental Disabilities
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Humas Sentra "Galih Pakuan" di Bogor
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David Myoga
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Karlina Irsalyana

BOGOR (October 4, 2022) - Ahead of the commemoration of World Mental Health (WMH) Day 2022, Galih Pakuan Center is conducting a series of activities consisting of providing ATENSI assistance, health checks, vaccinations, recording of ID cards, and reunification.


The first series of activities took place on September 30, 2002, at Galih Pakuan Center. A total of 19 Residents with Mental Disabilities participated in sports competitions, followed by health check-ups and vaccination services on October 3, 2022.


In addition to involving residential beneficiaries, the implementation of a series of WMH activities was also carried out in Serang Regency. After the previous assessment was carried out, today WMH activities began to be carried out in Serang Regency by taking the location in Tunjung Teja District.


A total of 42 persons with mental disabilities in this sub-district received ATENSI assistance. On this occasion, there were also health checks on 25 persons with disabilities, 14 persons got vaccinations, and 7 persons to ID card recordings.


This health check and vaccination activity involved the Serang Regency Health Office, Tunjung Teja Health Center, and Dompet Dhuafa Banten Province. Meanwhile, for the ID card recording activities, the Department of Population and Civil Registry of Serang Regency was involved.


Ida Farida, one of the participants in today's activity, admitted that she was very happy because she had received assistance and free medical check-ups. "I'm happy, I have eaten and am ready to be injected and got this help, the check was free," said Ida while laughing.


After today, Galih Pakuan Center will still carry out similar activities in 2 different LKS, namely tomorrow at LKS Assifa Amalindo, then the peak event will be held the day after tomorrow at LKS Bani Syifa.

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