Ambarawa Youth Organization Distributes Food Packages to Lighten the Burden on Tornado Victims

Ambarawa Youth Organization Distributes Food Packages to Lighten the Burden on Tornado Victims
Writer :
Humas Pemkab Pringsewu
Editor :
Laili Hariroh
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana

LAMPUNG (December 26, 2022) - The tornado disaster on Friday afternoon (16/12) left deep sorrow. Heavy rain and a tornado hit the houses of residents until they were damaged. According to Pringsewu Regency BPBD (Regional Board for Disaster Management) data, 12 houses were damaged by falling trees in Kresnomulyo Village and 3 houses in West Kresnomulyo Village.


To ease the burden on the people affected by the tornado that occurred in Kresnomulyo Village and West Kresnomulyo Village, the Management of Karang Taruna Teratai Emas (Youth Organization “Golden Lotus”) of Ambarawa Village, Ambarawa District, Pringsewu Regency led by Dedi Sutarno worked together with other residents to clean up tile debris, pieces and branches scattered wood (23/12). The activity continued by distributing 15 basic food packages accompanied by Babinsa TNI (Indonesian National Army) which were given to residents of Karanganyar Hamlet, Pekon Kresnomulyo Barat, and Hamlet Sukawa I, Pekon Kresnomulyo.


"We do this as a form of our concern and empathy for all of our brothers and sisters who are being hit by a disaster," said Dedi Sutarno.


On another occasion, Heru Purnomo, representing the Pekon Kresnomulyo Apparatus, expressed his gratitude for the assistance, both material and non-material, that had been given to its residents. "Hopefully what has been done by Karang Taruna Teratai Emas Ambarawa can be an example for Karang Taruna in other areas. So far it has seemed to only take care of sports. Even though there is a lot that can be done with existing abilities and capacities," said Heru.


"This is Pentahelix's form of togetherness in disaster management as always conveyed by Mr. Joko Widodo, the President of the Republic of Indonesia, that Disaster Management is Our Business," said Agus Purnomo, Associate Level for Disaster Analyst at BPBD Pringsewu Regency on the spot.

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