ASLKS: Advanced Social Rehabilitation Model for Nonpotential Elderly People

  • ASLKS: Advanced Social Rehabilitation Model for Nonpotential Elderly People
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Writer :
Humas Rehsos
Editor :
Annisa YH
Translator :
Intan Qonita N

BOGOR (September 18, 2019) - The Director General of Social Rehabilitation, Edi Suharto, launches and gives speech to the activities of the Resource Competence Consolidation Guidance and the Signing of Cooperation Agreement (MoU) in the Implementation of ASLKS / Therapy at Salak Heritage Hotel Bogor.

Edi in his remarks conveyed that the Social Assistance of the Social Welfare Institution (ASLKS) is a model of advanced social rehabilitation services for elderly people who have no potential and are in social service institutions. This activity aims to assist the elderly in carrying out their social functions carried out by their assistants, student worksheets, and families carried out within the institution.

This guidance was carried out as an effort to increase the understanding, knowledge, and abilities of the Elderly LKS officers in the process of assisting elderly people.

This activity was carried out for three days until 20 September 2019 and was attended by 136 representatives from the Finance Bureau, Inspectorate General, Chair of the Psychology Department of Al-Azhar University of Indonesia, LKS LU administrators, and Provincial, and District / City Social Services.
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